Inception vs. Following



Beginning and end (for now). Following is the only Nolan movie that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed. As a fan of his work, I found Following more "interesting" than actually good. I'm glad I've seen it, but it doesn't compare to any of his other films, as far as I'm concerned. Inception, in a lot of ways, might be his masterpiece, but I have determined that I personally prefer both The Dark Knight and Memento to it.

i agree with the comment before me. Following is interesting to see because you notice the direction that Nolan will take with his films and that is very interesting. But, if you take away that, the film doesn't really work due to mediocre acting and the plot is a bit too contrived. And well, it's not like I really need to go into Inception. So Inception takes it.

Inception is superior to the imperfect Following in just about every way imaginable. That said, considering the miniscule budget of the film, I have to give Christopher Nolan a pass on Following's shortcomings. While it's true the acting isn't spectacular, it is certainly passable considering these were inexperienced actors who didn't have the luxury of doing multiple takes (due to Nolan's effort to conserve film stock). Overall, Following is an impressive debut film for a filmmaker who would soon establish himself as one of the very best in the world.

I think that Following is an amazing film, but Inception is my favorite movie of all time so...

Following is so underdeveloped. With (like Caesar said) its small budget and inexperienced actors, make this film a below-par Nolan film. Inception cruises its way past the mediocrity of Nolan.

I adore the conservative bare-bones quality of Following, but Inception is clearly the better movie in every way imaginable.

Following is good, but it feels like a test run for / less refined version of Memento('s style). Inception is Nolan's best film.

Inception. Kinda unfair if you think about it, since Following only had 6,000$.

Following for me but it's close.