Inception vs. Memento



Nolan was practicing for Inception when he made Memento. What a pair of fantastic movies. (On a side note, it was reading Roger Ebert's review for Inception that made me realize that maybe there is a plot hole in Memento, even though I never thought about it after half a dozen viewings.) Anyway, I just came back from watching Inception, and I'm still on a high, but it is currently coming in immediately ahead of Memento in my Top 5.

It's a close one, but I think Inception squeaks out ahead of Nolan's previous mind-bender.


Inception wins this one. As for the plot hole in Memento, I wouldn't worry about that, @johnmason. I asked the question Roger Ebert asks when mentioning Memento in a Nolan site, and this is my favorite answer: " As I see it, the effects of brain damage aren't black and white, especially since Leonard has his amnesia from trauma. There are only two or three real-life examples of human patients with anterograde amnesia, and I know that two of them basically had their entire hippocampus taken out. H.M. (the most famous) was apparently aware he had memory impairment, but Clive Weaving does not know. He does somewhat remember very emotional events in his life after his illness, like his brother dying. He gets sad when someone mentions his brother but he doesn't know why. Weaving's memory is also extremely bad - he only remembers 7-30 seconds at a time. He still remembers how to play piano and conduct even though he doesn't remember that he went to school for it. He even forgets that he was making music at all right after the piece ends and he basically goes into fits for several minutes afterwards. The brain is a really strange thing. So...yeah. Realistically, it depends on how Leonard's brain was affected by the injury and how much it managed to recover."

Memento felt more innovative, believable, exciting, better acted, and had a much more powerful ending. I liked Inception, but for whatever reason, it didn't 'click' with me the way Memento did. Probably partially because I couldn't get over Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's miscasting in the film, and partially because I just found the whole 'dream' structure convoluted and a tad bit ridiculous. Still a fantastic, enjoyable and surprisingly cerebral film.

What ^ he said. The total lack of subtlety killed Inception's ending for me. You just didn't need to zoom into the totem son, you didn't. I guess it's like Ralph Wiggum's analysis of The Departed..."the rat symbolizes obviousness", except it's not majorly detrimental to The Departed (being more of a linear thriller/actioner).

Both in my top 10, have to pick Inception as more of a masterpiece.

"Nolan was practicing for Inception when he made Memento". Brilliant. INCEPTION takes this one just because it has been one of the few movies that can go neck-to-neck with MEMENTO in complexity and writing. But it's a 10 to MEMENTO'S 9.99.

Two great mindf*cks. The dream thriller is the best one though.

I refuse to do this ranking sure inception might have squeked by if i was to vote but i am not willing to say memento is any less great

Memento messes with your brain in ways Inception can't.

Inception takes it out as Nolans masterpiece.

Memento is my all time fav movie. While it may not be Nolan's true masterpiece, I think it is the most enjoyable and rewatchable flick he has made.

I loved Inception, but I was blown away by Memento. The first time I watched it I was blown away. I watched it ten times over the next two weeks. That's how great it was. To this day, I haven't watched a movie that is as great as it. Memento is the main reason why I love Chris Nolan so much. So this is a no-brainer to me.

Two outstanding classics. Simply brilliant mind-benders that get better with repeat viewings. For this, I'll go with Memento because the reverse linear narrative is still remarkable to this day.

The two greatest Christopher Nolan movies in my opinion, with The Prestige being a very close third. I have to go with Inception though, it blew my mind in multiple ways. It proves to Hollywood that original movies can still be made; they don't have to be sequels, spin-offs, reboots or remakes.

VERY close, but Inception BARELY!!!

Inception only because Michael Caine was in it. To close otherwise.

Memento. It holds up very well and is a fantastic thriller.

Both are exceedingly intelligent and clever films made in an era where the "dumb" movie has reigned supreme. As admirable as Memento is, it just doesn't entertain the way Inception does. Inception is Christopher Nolan's best film (so far).

Nolan is a genius and both a amazing. I must choose Memento. Blows me away every time.

Memento is probably the greater achievement in film making but Inception was much more entertaining to me.

Memento is great, but it can't beat my #1.

Inception is a greater story than Memento

I admit that when Inception first came out, I was caught up in the hype. It's a great movie, but Memento is just one of a kind. Inception has great special effects and all, but Memento really showcases Nolan's sheer ability by not relying on special effects, nudity, excessive profanity, and all the other props that many movies use. Now, Inception didn't use hardly any of this either except for the special effects. And it's not a knock against Inception, but Memento is more like a bare-bones movie made on a much lower budget and yet is still so amazing.

Momento is a good movie but isnt re-watchable for me.

I'm sorry, but did you say that Memento isn't re-watchable? Really? Wow. I've never heard anyone say that about Memento. I've seen it three times and discovered something new everytime. It's easily the most re-watchable movie I've seen in the modern era.

Memento definitely wins. And along with The Prestige, Inception and Memento make up the Holy Trinity of mindfuck films that Nolan has made. Memento is stronger than Inception due to its setting, characters and narrative. The validity of the entire film is more believable and relatable than Inception.

I've changed my mind. Inception is the more entertaining film, Memento can be slow in some scenes.

Both re-watchable to the bone. But Inception is slightly better for entertainment purposes.

This is rather tough for some people. Both are confusing yet intriguing films and two of Nolan's best. Due to the clever structure, Memento wins

I recently watched both Memento and Inception again. As a Nolan fan, this is actually very tough. It's like asking those diehard Tarantino fans to choose between Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. For me, Memento and Inception represent the very best of Nolan's incredible filmography. But I have to give the edge to Memento. In fact, they're #3 and #4 on my chart. To be clear, here's how I rank Nolan's movies: Memento > Inception > TDK > TDKR > Prestige > Following > Insomnia > BB

Main lead:Memento Supporting Cast:Memento Imagery:Inception Composition: Inception Story: Memento My pick is Memento, bit I do love Inception.

I feel this will become a tireless debate in the vein of Pulp Fiction vs. Reservoir Dogs or GF1 vs. GF2... Alien vs. Aliens (although these two have different directors). For me, Memento vs. Inception represents Nolan's two best works. And that says a lot considering he hasn't made a bad film yet. But Memento strikes me as a slightly better movie. I admire it because it was achieved on a MUCH lower budget.

Wow, what a genius Nolan is. At the start of a decade, he made an absolute masterpiece. A decade later, he made a masterpiece that is even better. Inception is one of the coolest, most awesome movie experiences I've ever had. I personally think that it's Nolan's best film by far. The acting, the style, the direction and the execution top Memento in nearly every department. Memento is a damn great film, infact it's in my top 40. But Inception is my rock solid #8, and it looks like that's not changing any time soon.

Two Nolan masterpieces that will never get enough credit. INCEPTION is my 2nd favorite film of Nolan, and Memento is my 3rd. So it's pretty close. But if I'm forced to pick one, it's Inception.

Inception is more entertaining and rewatchable but I feel Memento is the superior film though.

Memento and Inception are both great movies and very complex. However, Memento's ingenuity lies in the editing and direction rather than the plot which, in my opinion, makes it the better film

both are good, fantastic, and brilliant movies, but Inception is a better Masterpiece

memento is more rewatchable...its really grown on me...just a brilliant piece of filmmaking....a modern masterpiece

Two of the most original scripts and story while Memento is like king of crime thrillers so unique Inception is next level matrix Sh#t so creative and fun deep and top notch acting from a guy who is already top 20 greatest directors ever! INCEPTION!!

If I had to pick one of these movies to be the only movie I ever get to watch again, I'd pick: Memento

Both are hard to explain to someone who hasn't seen it, and even hard sometimes to explain even if they've seen it once, but Memento is so much better and so much more creative.

Coin flip says Memento...

Two simply stunning and groundbreaking films. I love both of them but I think Inception is the winner.

Memento has a edge over inception

Nolan is so good with this type of material. Really like both but I'm going with Memento.

Inception is simply more fun, but they are equally mind-boggling in their story-telling ability.

Inception (12) vs Memento (93) Both top 100 movies for sure. Love them, think Inception just wowed me more.

I really like incrption but memento wins here my 2nd favourite Nolan movie after prestige

Inception without a doubt.


If I can remember Memento was the film that was the definition of brilliant.

Memento is much decent good to lose here...

Both brilliant, but Memento is Nolans Magnum Opus

Good matchup, but Inception wins.

Memento is simply the best Nolan film around century

Nolan's overrated vs Nolan's honorable successful.

Memento is a much better film. It's tight and well paced, more rewatchable.

Memento is nearly the super film.

These are numbers 1 and 2 on my list and I will choose Memento every time. Inception is expertly crafted. Memento is perfectly crafted. It's that close

Extremely close but Inception:

Memento is good but inception is am masterpiece

Memento is good but inception is am masterpiece

Inception, but it's close.

2nd best nolan movie vs 3rd best, memento by a hair

Memento is nearly feather far pleasant good

Inception had a more blissful conclusion however Memento's one was more ambiguous and esoteric, which is the kind I prefer more.