Inception vs. Iron Man



Not a big fan of Inception.

Inception is my favorite movie so I would say that I am quite a big fan of Inception. HaHa

Inception is the better film in my book.

Seeing Inception in the cinema was a fantastic experience, I love Iron Man but I love Inception more.

Inception is for sure the better movie. Iron Man was great, but it doesn't really compare to The Avengers, yet alone a true masterpiece like Inception.

Inception wins. I see the problems many people have with it. I just can't help from greatly enjoying it though.

Iron Man is incredibly fun, but it can't beat an unstoppable powerhouse like Inception.

Inception was a great movie, no doubt, but repeated viewings do make me realize how LONG Inception is. It's like the Lord of the Rings--it's not a movie, it's a commitment. For that reason, Iron Man wins (thought it won't win against Lord of the Rings, interesting).

Iron Man is still the best Marvel Studios film by far but it doesn't even come close to touching Inception.

Iron Man was fun while Inception was mind blowing.

Inception for sure.


Inception pretty easily. Iron Man was ok, but it's strictly light calories. Inception is on a whole nother level.



Inception was an exceptionally well made film and easily wins this match.

Iron Man is vastly better. Inception may be Nolan's best movie but that is honestly not saying very much. There's Inception and TDK and a LOT of overrated nonsense if you are being honest.

i actually find iron man 1 the better film is there something wrong with my brain

Love both but Inception. UberLives is an idiot Marvel fanboy who lowballs/hates anything Nolan.

I love the MCU and it's my favorite franchise but for me, nothing beats Inception. From the effects to the direction and storytelling Inception beats out every film ever for me. This is just my personal opinion. Iron Man is a great movie also and it kicked off the MCU but Inception's cinematography alone puts it ahead.

Inception but i love Iron Man aswell.