Inception vs. Drive



Both are the best films of the new decade but Ive got to give the slight edge to Inception.

I can watch Inception all the time and not get bored with it. Drive is a movie that only stays fresh when you watch it once in a long while. Inception wins for me.

Both in my top 10, but Inception just takes the edge.

Drive wins. It is number 1, while Inception is number 2 on my charts.

Inception just sneaks into my top 10, which pretty much makes it better than Drive.

Revolutionary is the only word used to describe both of these films. I'm going with Drive.

Inception all the way. Drive had me riveted only during the opening chase. The rest was merely "good".

This is such a tough one, I'll give it to Drive but tomorrow I'll likely give it to Inception

Inception: best film of 2010 Drive: best film of several years.


I don't believe I've come up on this matchup before. Drive gets my vote, but I love Inception.

I liked Drive, while I loved Inception...

Neck and neck matchup. Inception barely pulls out ahead.

Loved both of these and it's early and I fully expect these to switch back and forth through the years....

The answer is Inception.

Inception is one of the greatest films ever made. Drive is an amazing film, but nowhere near as spectacular and mind blowing as Inception.

Drive, sorry Nolan.

Drive needs a rewatch.

Inception was brilliant with its complexities whereas Drive was brilliant with its simplicities. At the end of the day, Drive did more with less.

Inception, never really connected with Drive

Drive is probably the better film but i think i enjoyed Inception a little better, its close though

Inception wins, though not by an awful lot. Drive is good, but loses a bit of it's shine on replay. I've only seen Inception once, so needs a rewatch in order for me to draw a conclusion on that one.

Inception is a helluva lot better. Drive was an alright 4 outta 5 stars.

Inception held steady at 13.

Drive 93% and Inception 86% on RT. I think inception is better and has great rewatchability. Inception should have 93% not Drive it's too overrated. By the way really a polite chase scene not wanting to get a scratch on the car. And when it plflips over u see it through gosling mirror. Bullshit.


Both are among the best films of the current decade but I think Drive has more of a lasting impact.

Inception is one of the best films in recent years. It's deep and thought provoking. Drive is oh so lacklustre. I find it pretentious and bland.

These are personally my two favourite Movies of the 2010s

Two great movies. I like Drive slightly better.