Inception vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring



Fellowship is so deep and so emotionally investing and so worth everything. Inception is arguably the best film since 2010 and of this decade but Fellowship is the best film of its decade and since then

Inception wins, but its my favorite movie vs SLionsCricket's favorite movie. Who's side are you on? Ha Ha

Yessir, two great films with heaps of style and great entertainment value. Inception wins because Nolan just outclasses Jackson all day, everyday.

The battle of two great films in every sense of the word. I'll pick Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring for nostalgia and plot-wise purposes.

Inception. Just.

Inception in a landslide.

inception, one of the cleverst movies i have ever seen

Fellowship easily . Inception is a good one-time watch but it doesn't hold up as the plot is rather thin, and there's not much depth.

Fellowship of the Ring

Fellowship, but this could change in time...

Both Top 20, Fellowship wins by a hair.

Inception fellowship though is also good

Not even the awesome inception can beat fellowship


LotR is much decent preeminent every way..

2013 was the last time someone picked Inception. I loved the hell out of Inception yet I think LOTR is a CGI-driven snoozefest

Inception is good but Fellowship is definitely far better..

Inception but fellowship is defeated by #2 ranking difference

Inception is a tough movie to beat, but Fellowship definitely wins. Perfectly paced, emotionally intelligent, technically great, and endlessly entertaining, I've watched this masterpiece at least 20 times and I could watch it again start to finish. The 3 hours just fly by. I love Inception, but I just do not love it as much as Fellowship.

Return of the King would beat Inception, but it is better than Fellowship and Two Towers

Lord of the rings absolutely destroys inception

Lord of the Rings beats Inception