Inception vs. Taxi Driver




Taxi Driver.

I like Taxi Driver more than any Nolan film. And I love most of his films. Inception can't beat a classic and psychologically complex film like Taxi Driver. It's Scorsese's best in my opinion. De Niro's performance was disturbing and impactful.

Inception. To this day that film is still the best that the decade had to offer.

Inception for me, but both are phenomenal.

Inception by far. Really like taxi driver but it's no Inception

Taxi Driver by far.Really like Inception but it's no Taxi Driver.

So freakin''s Inception.

Taxi Driver is good at building a character, but there are just long stretches where nothing happens. Inception wins for me.


Still Inception

Inception. Taxi Driver just doesn't do it for me on any level, though I will concede that it is in need of a rewatch.

I honestly see Taxi Driver as an overrated cult classic. Inception easily wins in my book.

Taxi Driver

Inception by a mile

baal bujhis tora...sobkota asto udgandu

''the greatest nolan's masterpiece'' ¬°Againts ''the second greatest scorcese's masterpiece, i go with Inception

Taxi Driver currently takes this one with ease.

Taxi Driver is probably better But I prefer Inception

Taxi Driver.


Inception is exceptional and wins here.

Taxi Driver is obviously great, but it's so not winning this one.

Inception is more mind-blowing, thought-provoking, and impressive. But Taxi Driver is simply the more psychologically complex, dark, and deep film that displays the masculinity, existislism, and loneliness of an individual. Taxi Driver wins.

Who in the hell would pick inception over Taxi Driver???

this one is tough. As much I love the story, cast, and music for inception, taxi driver is the more powerful movie.