Inception vs. The Dark Knight



on 7/17/2010

Oh great..!! I'm the lucky one who's commenting first on this matchup! It's really difficult to choose, but I go with Inception because of the complexiy of it. The Dark Knight is still Batman after all.

on 7/17/2010

Both films are fantastic in my opinion. I'm sure my choice will change every time this matchup appears, but for now I'm still buzzing from Inception. So that is my decision... this time at least!

on 7/18/2010

In terms of narrative structure, The Dark Knight is Christopher Nolan's simplest and most linear film. Even Batman Begins was riddled with flashbacks, but TDK plays it straight, and very effectively. Inception, meanwhile, is probably Nolan's most complex--Memento squared, in a way. Yet, I was never lost, never in the dark as to what was going on. That movie is constructed perfectly. I just saw Inception today, and I'm still buzzing. For the first time since I started using Flickchart, a brand-new movie has invaded my Top 20. However, my heart will not allow it to take down my #2 movie, The Dark Knight. At least not yet. Given another view of both films, I might change my mind. For now, here's my best reasoning: the acting. Heath Ledger in TDK gives a performance for the ages, and everybody else is fantastic. This is not to say the acting in Inception is bad. (Quite the contrary, the relationships between Leonardo DiCaprio and the other characters, particularly Marion Cotillard and Ellen Page, really ground the film in the midst of the craziness.) But the sheer audacity and inventiveness of the concept, by default, means that the actors have a little--just a little--less to work with. As I love actors and great performances even more spectacular set pieces and sci-fi concepts, I have to go with TDK. And yet, as I say, I could easily see myself changing my mind. Christ, this has got to be my longest comment yet on Flickchart...


on 7/19/2010

Team Nolan! Holy crap, can this man make a bad movie!? I love both of these, but Inception was the most intense experience I've ever had at the theater. Saw it opening day, and I can't get over it! Needless to say, I'm on an Inception HIGH.

on 9/9/2010

After I saw Inception with a friend, I had a most entertaining conversation in which we discussed the fact that, when compared to The Dark Knight, Inception was far more involved and complicated. We started joking about how TDK was Nolan's "mindless action movie" that he made "to keep the fans happy" while he worked on more sophisticated films. It was quite amusing to joke about, but looking back I don't really mean a word of it. TDK is one of the most intelligent films I've ever seen with good action, great acting, and an incredible plot. Inception was amazing, but it's not my favorite film Nolan has done.

on 12/11/2010

I chose Inception over Batman Begins, but I have to say that Dark Knight is so awesome that it wins this fight.

on 12/19/2010

Two classics by Chris Nolan, I chose TDK because of ledger's performence, the great action and i loved this picture more than Inception.

on 12/19/2010

I guess I don't like Nolan. Inception was garbage and TDK only tolerable.

on 12/19/2010

inception easy

on 1/12/2011

THE DARK KNIGHT was Christopher Nolan's Little League batting practice. INCEPTION is his World Series home run.

on 2/2/2011

I've got one thing to say - The Joker. More compelling than anything in Inception imo.

on 2/6/2011


on 4/15/2011

It's really which one you like more. Both are easily Nolan's best movies. Inception is probably the better movie; the idea hasn't been done like this before, the writing gives the premise believable sense, and the actions by the characters are precise and intricate. Although personally I love The Dark Knight more. The characters actions, the dark thoughts of the villain, the complexity of the characters is just so fascinating that I can't help but love it more.

on 4/16/2011

a tough one but i would say inception

on 5/19/2011

Two of the most hyped films. I really like both, but I think Inception in the tighter film.

on 5/19/2011

Love both...but it's Inception here...

on 5/19/2011

Both are excellent, but I think Inception is Nolan's masterpiece. And that's saying something, because I also think that Memento is his 2nd best film.

on 6/1/2011

The Dark Knight was flawless. Inception was as well, but I wasn't sucked into it as much as with TDK. Besides, Heath Ledger helps steal this win.

on 6/3/2011

Too. Much Awesomeness!!!

on 7/13/2011

:O The Dark Knight is probably one of the only few movies that is flawless throughout its runtime, not saying that Inception isn't, it's just that The Dark Knight had Heath Ledger and Inception...well Inception didn't have him. The Dark Knight wins.

on 7/15/2011


on 7/15/2011

NO surprise that people have made 1,000,000 comments. Overall, Inception, but I'll give credit to Inception.

on 7/16/2011

I love both, but TDK will always have Heath Ledger.

on 7/17/2011

this is hard. let me think................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ you know what? i think i'll go with .................................................................................................................................................................................................................... the dark knight, because i still like it after all the times i've seen it.

on 8/4/2011

You know, I've been having a lot of change of heart recently here on Flickchart and to tell the truth, I just really realized the brilliance of Inception. Yes I do love TDK but the more I think of it, the more I remember that I didn't enjoy it as close as I did with Inception. Dreams for the win.

on 10/4/2011

"Overall, Inception, but I'll give credit to Inception" DERP! Both great movies, while Inception is aesthetically complex, I felt the characters of The Dark Knight were more involving, so I'll pick the Dark Knight. Love Cillian Murphy's performance in Inception though, extremely underrated as always.

on 11/16/2011

Inception and TDK are my #1 and #2, respectively, so deciding which was better took considerable time and mental energy. Acting, direction, music, cinematography, etc. were all equal, but Inception just slightly inches past TDK in terms of re-watch value. Not to say TDK cannot be viewed several times, but if I were to give it 20 viewings, I would would give Inception 21.

on 11/16/2011

an ameliorate matrix is better than an ameliorate comic ;)

on 1/6/2012

Do you want to know why I chose The Dark Knight? Inception's ending was too quick. You couldn't savor all the little emotions. You see, in their last moments, movies show you what they really are, so in a way, we know The Dark Knight better than we ever did with Inception. Do you want to know which one had a better ending? But in all seriousness, Inception was great as well, the problem with it in this match up is that I got the awe-struck feeling from both of them but TDK had Heath Ledger and an ending that got me excited while Inception's just allowed for a discussion. One of my main problems with Inception is that even though they're doing all these crazy and cool things throughout the movie, most situations don't effect what would be happening in the real world. This left me feeling that in the grand scheme of things, Inception was just a movie that was filled with mindless action while the actions and destruction in TDK really mattered to the people involved.

on 1/6/2012

In terms of performance, I must go with The Dark Night. Heath Ledger I believe changes the psychotic Joker into so much more, whom would otherwise be just another villain. This is by far the best Batman film to date, acknowledging the performance by Christian Bale as the hero. However, as for concept, Inception has something more. The characters are new and the performances are as expected, great. But, the brilliance of the idea makes us, the audience, think and for once, we are not in control of it, it controls us. That's what makes this film brilliant. And as for the conclusion of this film, I think the idea is that we make of our world what we want to believe. Thus, we determine and believe what we want the end to be; just as Leonardo DiCaprio's character wants his world to be (redeeming his guilt and letting her go even if it means losing grip of the real world.)

on 1/11/2012

Nolan really did a outstading job on both movies. It's tough,but when i compare every single aspect of each flicks,Inception got this easily. All the respect of the world for Dark Knight tough,it has a very high rank on my list.

on 1/22/2012

Heath Ledger's joker alone is better than the whole of Inception.The Dark Knight by a large margin.

on 1/23/2012

This really comes down to whether or not you're a fan of Batman and crack addict Heath Ledger, but Inception for me because it is Nolan's original work unlike The Dark Knight.

on 1/23/2012

As much as I like Heath Ledger, I have to go with Inception for this one. I find the movie more clever and complex than TDK. I find it more memorable too; I've only seen it once, but scenes like the rotating hallway and the buildings folding over really stand out. I can't remember what happens in TDK, despite seeing it twice.

on 2/6/2012

My initial reaction to Inception, was that it was better then The Dark Knight, but after thinking about it for a while I changed my mind. I never got as invested in the characters in Inception and I think there are two reasons for that. 1) Di Caprio's character, though easily the most fleshed out, was kind of selfish. He put other people at risk without letting them know the whole story and then got mad when they messed up. I wouldn't mind if he went through some kind of change, but the movie doesn't even seem to acknowledge how selfish he is. 2) The characters are never in danger of dying. They are I guess in danger of going to limbo, but Saito goes there, and Cobb's already been there. It seems likes its know big deal. And then Fischer gets shot and doesn't go to limbo at all. I still enjoyed it and regard quite highly, but, I enjoyed the Dark Knight more.

on 2/7/2012

I have to say that inception was good but i have got to go with the dark night on this one

on 2/9/2012

*no big deal* Dangit! I wish you could modify comments on here.

on 2/16/2012

Going with Inception. The new big thing this decade.

on 3/8/2012

Inception takes out the prize for Nolans masterpiece.

on 3/8/2012

For now I gotta go with The Dark Knight, my opinion could change though.

on 4/6/2012

This is so frekin tough but I'll have to pick Inception

on 4/23/2012

INCEPTION is so brutally complex and beautiful that I cannot help but say it has triumphed Dark Knight in terms of cinematic epicness. I cannot wait to view the rest of his films in his LONG career ahead of him.

on 5/12/2012

Inception is my favorite Nolan movie. I the The Dark Knight is one of the best superhero movies ever made, but 'bestest moovie evar!!!!!!11!'? Naah. The movie could have been at least 10 minutes shorter, the fake death of Gordon was unnecessary and just used to shock the audience (twice), and Two-Face seems almost pointless when compared to the Joker. I'm looking forward to TDK Rises though.

on 5/12/2012


on 5/30/2012

My respect for Inception has definitely increased on watching it multiple times.It has a complex and intriguing plot with some nicely shot action scenes.Inception is actually a very intelligent film and certainly one of the best sci-fi movies of its generation.However as a film,The Dark Knight is a more complete and satisfying ride for me.Ledger,Eckhart and Oldman give memorable performances and the action sequences with the bat pod are some of the best I've ever seen in an action movie.Going with TDK.Inception is still great though.

on 5/30/2012

You have to go with Inception, it is more complex and all around better.

on 7/11/2012

The Dark Knight, Inception is a lot simpler that people think

on 7/21/2012

both absolutely amazing films.... my love for batman makes the dark knight the winner

on 8/8/2012

i prefer Dark Knight by far! i really like Inception but after watching a second and a third time i don't enjoy it too much

on 8/8/2012

TDK. Because of The Joker and Heath Ledger's incredible performance.

on 9/1/2012

They're both dreary Hollywood turds. I dunno. I guess TDK is slightly less sterile and mind-rotting.

on 9/1/2012

The Dark Knight easily wins this fight Inception is my least favorite Nolan film.

on 9/20/2012

I think this ifs the hard Nolan matchup ever. Memento it's without a doubt better than these, and all his other movies, while great, aren't nearly as good as these. I need to watch them both again, but for now I'll go with Inception.

on 10/19/2012

Dark Knight. Best Nolan movie.

on 10/20/2012

The Dark Knight: Easy

on 10/26/2012

Inception is probably the more ambitious movie and takes more risks--which almost all work--but The Dark Knight is very close to a perfect film. It wins by a hair.

on 12/16/2012

TDK pretty easy choice

on 12/17/2012

Both in my top five, but Inception is my favorite movie.

on 1/29/2013

two great films but the dark knight is better because the action and villain are great.Inception lakes in those but is still pretty good.

on 2/1/2013

This is not hard for me at all. The Dark Knight is his ultimate masterpiece.

on 3/6/2013

Inception is Nolan's second best film (TDK isn't the best).

on 3/24/2013

My two favourite Christopher Nolan films (for the time being). The Dark Knight wins for being just a little bit more entertaining.

on 3/24/2013

I couldn't tell you why, but I prefer Inception.

on 3/30/2013

So fricking tough........Excuse me whilst I kill myself.....

on 3/30/2013

Dark Knight is probably the best super hero movie ever. Sadly, it's still a movie where its main character is the most annoying character in the entire movie. Bale's voice as Batman is cheesy and unforgiveable. I like Bale as Bruce Wayne much more than as Batman. Ironically, Joker saved the day. Ledger to the rescue as he nailed it. Seriously, Batman was so bad and Joker was so good that the movie should've been called "The Joker". Inception, on the other hand, is near perfection. Inception wins.

on 4/9/2013

TDK is the supreme Nolan film.

on 4/16/2013

Inception is in my opinion Nolan's best

on 4/17/2013

To be clear: Memento > Inception > DK > Prestige > DKR > Following > Insomnia > BB

on 4/20/2013

@Nononsense- wow! You consider BB to be Nolan's worst? Strange...Anyways, I'm still sticking with the Dark Knight...Now, its #15 for the Dark Knight and #16 for Inception. Both have been re-watched very recently and I adore both!

on 5/5/2013

Inception is the cleverer movie here and has perfected the darker techniques that Nolan used in the Dark Knight.

on 5/6/2013

@SLionsCrickey -- Yes, BB is my least favorite Nolan film. I thought it was relatively lackluster in comparison to Nolan's other films. I must admit though, I gained a deeper appreciation for it after seeing TDK. It was then that I realized the valuable contribution BB had in laying a solid foundation for an epic trilogy. But as a standalone, BB didn't do it for me in comparison to Nolan's other movies. But that's not a huge knock considering all of Nolan's movies are great.

on 5/6/2013

SLionsCricket, I didn't mean to misspell your name. Sorry about that.

on 5/14/2013

The Dark Knight is probably the only movie of it's kind that I have watched many times.

on 6/28/2013

While I do personally think Inception has the better Imagery and composition, I felt that The Dark Knight had the better characters, and story. The Dark Knight for me.

on 6/28/2013

Oh Christ, this is tough! Both are among his best (but for me his best is Memento)! I have to ultimately side with...... Ince-wait, no Batm-no; I don't know! There are interchangeable for his second best film so I'll flip a coin. It's Inception, but both are cinema at it's finest.

on 7/17/2013

I'm gonna have to switch over and side with the Batman.

on 7/18/2013

Both among Nolan's absolute best. TDK is my winner.

on 8/27/2013

Two incredible movies by Nolan, but inception wins this one.

on 11/10/2013

The Dark Knight wins! Inception was fine, but it wasn't better than the Batman!

on 11/14/2013

i'm watching both again. after watching 45 times i cant say.

on 11/15/2013

Oh man, what is arguably Nolan's two best more recent films put up against each other. I did like the fact that Inception was "original" and has an intricate winding story, as well as DiCaprio and a bunch of other talented people. But no one and nothing can undermine Heath Ledger's unforgettable performance as the Joker. I'm pretty sure these two are already fairly close to each other on my chart, I'll just leave it to what's there for now.


on 12/12/2013

In your dreams, Inception (literally).

on 12/30/2013

The Dark Knight is the better film quite and simple. Inception is a one-note film. It's impressive the first time you watch it but it just lacks the depth and complexity to truly be worth watching again. Fun, but shallow.

on 2/5/2014

Wow! I don't think I've ever heard anyone call Inception shallow and lacking complexity. Truly a baffling statement NBAluke579.

on 4/12/2014

The Dark Knight takes it...

on 4/12/2014

The Dark Knight has the slight edge...

on 4/14/2014

I'll give to Inception for being a (mostly) original tale built from the ground up by Nolan with superior cinematography and far superior action sequences.

on 5/4/2014

Inception by a little bit.

on 5/4/2014

Both are in my top 10. Inception is my number 1 and I think that is Christopher Nolan's masterpiece.

on 5/4/2014

Inception torches TDK

on 5/24/2014


on 5/24/2014


on 5/27/2014

If I had to pick one of these movies to be the only movie I ever get to watch again, I'd pick: The Dark Knight

on 6/30/2014

like choosing between children but inception JUST has the edge as it contains everything blockbusters these days shy away from. the dark knight is still the best comic book movie of all time though.

on 7/25/2014

They don't even compare. Inception is complex and convoluted but the doesn't make it great. The Dark Knight is far more mature, more profound and more poetic despite its Pulp origins. A touch of Hamlet in this Batman,

on 7/25/2014

And just FYI Inception is not original in the least. Go watch Paprika and Dreams of a Life time.

on 7/26/2014

The Dark Knight was cool, but Inception is better and will become a classic like A Clockwork Orange or Star Wars in some years because it is timeless. The Dark Knight will probalby lose its glory when new technologies will come.

on 7/26/2014

I'll go with The Dark Knight. Nolan mixed Batman with the crime thriller and got a pretty sweet movie out of it. And a little nod of agreement at Jeremy up there. There's some Hamlet in him, and I get some Godfather II/Michael Corleone vibes from him and the movie too. I like Inception, I really do. But I don't think it's going to stick the way a lot of its fans seem to think it will. I don't see people putting it up there with Star Wars or A Clockwork Orange in 20-30 years.

on 1/23/2015

Wow so tough for me ok i will go with the dark knight it has one of the best movie beginning

on 3/1/2015

I change my decision a INCEPTION wins

on 5/27/2015

Inception may go down as one of biggest movie of our generation. TDK is maybe the best superhero film of all time. But that still doesn't compate to the overall greatness of Inception. Inception is the Matrix-like revolution in the filmmaking, while TDK is a cool action flick with Batman. If you like Batman, then it's okay, but I doubt it's even the best superhero movie of all time.

on 10/6/2015


on 10/9/2015


on 2/19/2016

Inception, it is a work a art. Though TDK is one of the greatest works of entertainment.

on 4/15/2016

Inception has one of the Best twisted ending while TDK has good ending but for a sequel . it would be Sad ending if there was no TDKR

on 4/30/2016

Two of the most stunningly brilliant, revolutionary, game-changing mastercrafts to come out of cinema, both redefining and perfecting the craft of their respective genres. Nolan's only competition is himself.

on 5/12/2016

For the longest time I would have picked The Dark Knight over Inception, but after my latest Christopher Nolan Movie marathon though, I settled on Inception as my favorite. Both are amazing films. I watched Inception 10 times in theaters loving it every time, especially Leo as Cobb and the cut to credits at the end. The Dark Knight continued my love of Batman and had Heath Ledger as a phenomenal Joker. Inception inches out the win for me.

on 10/29/2016

I donĀ“t like InceptionĀ“s ending, The Dark knight is perfect. I thought Inception meant the first Nolan film I watch where I thought to myself, something doesnt fit here, the result is not entirely satisfactory

on 1/31/2017

Tough, but Dark Knight

on 4/13/2017

Definitely Inception

on 4/13/2017

Dark Knight is definitely the better film.

on 6/2/2017

I'm choosing Inception but with a tough matchup with these two films, I doubt he will ever make a bad film

on 8/26/2017

Two great Nolan films, but The Dark Knight

on 8/26/2017

Two of the most well crafted and complex movies of all time. I've always been more of an Inception person!

on 9/19/2017

Inception is great but not as much well crafted like the Dark Knight. My Vote goes to Batman

on 1/19/2018

Nolan's run during the Aughts was fucking LIT!

on 6/20/2018

i go with Inception

on 6/20/2018

Dark Knight the best Nolan film.

on 6/20/2018

when it comes to visual effects Nolan's inception is rarely paralleled, although The Dark Knight is superior in almost every other aspect, just saying. The creation of the perfect villain who take phenomenally efficient jabs at every possible weakness of the protagonist, especially when the hero's intentions are as complex and convoluted as Batman. The Joker alone is one of films best villains but it although provides a deeper insight into Bruce Wayne as person and not only as Batman. The relationship between Bruce and Alfred is just plain entertaining to watch. The Dark Knight has just fleshed out their characters better than Inception. All the supporting characters in Inception are all pretty 2D and aren't really expanded upon throughout the film other than a five minute explanation of where each character came from and how they 'fit' into the story

on 3/21/2019

Dark Knight is much success on every aspect.

on 3/21/2019

Dark Knight is much success on every aspect.

on 3/21/2019

Dark Knight is much success on every aspect.

on 3/21/2019

Dark Knight is much success on every aspect.

on 10/26/2019

I love both, The Dark Knight is better but Inception is amazing too

on 10/26/2019

Leo acted brilliantly in Inception, my favorite film of all times now.

on 11/3/2019

Inception is way too overrated, the dark knight stomps here on every direction.

on Jan 21

The dark knight >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>inception.