Inception vs. There Will Be Blood



Toughest decision of my effing life.

I love Nolan and Inception but TWBB is a special film. Great dialogue, fantastic performances and beautiful cinematography give it a convincing win. Best film of the 21st Century in my opinion and it certainly won't be easy to dethrone it.

Everything PiccoloKing said (Except best film of the 21st Century-I'd put The Tree of Life above it).

Inception it is....

Both movies are G-R-E-A-T but, if I had to choose a movie to watch right now, I'd probably pick Inception ahead of There Will Be Blood. Both films should be near the top of any "Best Films of the 21st Century" list, I'd say.

A pretty tough decision. I may have to watch Inception once more.

There Will Be Blood is overrated. The only thing that keeps this pretentious garbage from imploding is Daniel Day Lewis' masterful performance.

I also concur with PiccoloKing.

Both movies deserve to be called great,but TWBB is in my Top 10.Goin' with that.

Two of the best movies of the 21rst century. I prefer Inception.

There Will Be Blood. No doubt.

Inception by far, Blood was too slow for me.

Inception was cool, but there will be blood is the clear winner here

TWBB by far, Inception is overrated.

Sorry I met TWBB by far.

Both are in my top 20. I've always loved Inception, but damn, I watched There Will Be Blood last night and for the first time in a long time, I experienced a film that blew me away and had me gripped by the story for start to finish. It was complex, had great characters and messages, great yet subtle pacing and, at times, darkly hilarious moments. Masterpiece!

rta1234 there is shit in your brain that you cannot get it out. You are stupid to think TWBB is garbage

Both of these films are equal in quality but in different ways. Inception is superior from a technical standpoint, and There Will Be Blood is superior from a literary standpoint. What I mean by this is that TWBB has better storytelling, character development, and acting. While Inception has better cinematography, music, and world building. This isn't to say that Inception isn't literately impressive or TWBB isn't technically impressive. But they definitely shine those particular aspects. TWBB is artsy, Inception is inventive. TWBB is emotional, Inception is entertaining. TWBB is authentic, Inception is intelligent. But overall, going by my criteria Inception takes it 10-6 against TWBB. And personally, I will give it to Inception because of it's technical brilliance, entertainment value, and rewatchability.

TheLovecraft98 I actually disagree that Inception is better in a technical level. I think PTA is in full control of his craft in TWBB and he makes an extremely meticulously and breathtakingly shot movie. But yeah, TWBB does literally everything else better.