Inception vs. Mad Max: Fury Road



Fury Road was amazing. One day....One day perhaps. Today though? Inception wins.

Inception had a better plot than fury road...inception wins

Fury Road. Inception is one of the most overrated ever.

Inception is the better movie.

Inception. Fury Road was fun, but it's just essentially one long chase. Inception has much more depth.

Inception wins...

I liked Fury Road but Inception is without a doubt a stronger film.



Inception is the preferred film here.

Fury Road is a crap fake film. Just a bunch of shit blowing up with NO story. Inception had intrigue and style at the very least.

You know something is seriously wrong when even UberLives is forced to pick a Chris Nolan movie...

Inception is brillant and unique. My fourth favourite by Nolan and it's currently in my top 20. Fury Road, well, 3 years has past so I think we can start admitting that it was awful

I looove Fury Road really, and I think that's the best action film of this century so far but also one of the best action movies I've ever seen. But Inception is so complex, so brilliant, such a masterpiece, and more than a masterpiece. For me, it's my favorite film from Christopher Nolan (yeah I know I'm stupid cuz The Dark Knight isn't my favorite from him) and also in the top 3 of the best films of the century. In sci-fi, this is an all-timer and for me, it's surpassed even The Matrix now, which I think is an all-timer sci-fi legendary classic and is in my top 10-12 best sci-fi films ever made but this movie, bro, it's something else.. I'm going with Inception. The film of films (at least in this century).

Woof. Two awful movie experiences. Dumb times two.