Inception vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



I can't believe nobody has discussed this one yet...Inception is a masterpiece and so is 2001, but Nolan's directing is better than Kubrick's.

B.S. Go 2001!!!

Two of the greatest contributions to Sci-fi in cinematic history. 2001 had a better "villain", Inception, the better protagonists. I'll go with Inception. Inception for the very narrow win!

I love Inception, but...Are you kidding me??? 2001 is the only correct answer.

I wish it weren't so, but I find watching 2001: A Space Odyssey to be a dreadfully boring experience. Inception wins by a ridiculously wide margin.

Caesar is right. 2001 is vague, artsy, slow and as a result boring. Inception wins.

Inception for the win.

There *is* no correct answer in this match-up. I'll go with the film that was actually entertaining and intelligent. Inception by a landslide.

Inception wins. While 2001 had it's moment, there were a lot of parts that just dragged on and on.



Inception is winning? Am I inside the bad dream of a bad dream of a bad dream?

@UncleFok I think you're stuck in limbo, lol. I prefer the smart and entertaining Inception over the slow, vague and artsy 2001. But that's just me *shrugs*.

People unfairly accuse Inception of having too much expository dialogue. Boy did 2001 need that or what?


2001. theres no contest here

2001. It had a much better impact and the content is pretty legendary.

I'm going with Inception. Love 2001, though.

With having only 40 minutes of dialogue, 2001 is just a marvel to look at. If you can appreciate imagery and classical music, then you'll dig it. If you don't like imagery, small portions of dialogue, or classical music, then...well, you're insane.

Inception is winning??? Wow. HAL is rolling over in his grave. Love Inception...absolutely LOVE it. It's in my top 10. But it's just wrong to put Inception ahead of 2001.

Ugh! 2001 A Space Odyssey right??? I give the victory to pretty much any other movie......I'm sorry, that beyond horrible and such unredeemable pacing during the movie is downright frustrating for me....A 2 1/2 hr movie should be a 1 1/2 movie and I would've loved it.....Just dragged on and on and on.....Like Caesar, 2001 is dreadfully boring and a horrible cinematic experience....No, I wasn't after Star Wars...I was after a great movie that was well paced, 2001 wasn't

Inception! Come on now! They're both masterpieces but Inception had a way better script! It's like saying The Dark Knight was better than Inception! While The Dark Knight was good, Inception is Christopher Nolan's masterpiece even with The Dark Knight Rises out right now! So yeah, Inception!

For me, 2001 is more than just a movie. It's an experience that sticks with you as you journey through life. So, it's not about having a better script. The movie isn't dialogue driven. And that's the beauty of it. Seriously, can you name one actor or actress in it? Not many people can without searching for it on the internet. Notwithstanding, it makes AFI's list of 100 greatest American films ever. Most of the movies on that list have famous actors and actresses in them. But 2001 is probably the only movie on that lofty list that doesn't depend on legendary actors. The movie isn't about the actors. Honestly, the movie doesn't even have a clear protagonist. The first part of the film had the Moon Watcher. The second part had Dr. Heywood Floyd. And the third part of the movie had Dr. Bowman and Dr. Poole. The very last part of the movie had Dr. Bowman by himself. Oh, and I didn't mention HAL either. So, there's really not a protagonist. If you must name a protagonist, it'd have to be humanity at large. The scope of this movie is like none other. And with such lofty ambition, it delivers. Still haven't seen a movie ending as epic as the one in 2001. Inception was great but can't compare to the experience of 2001.

Just watched Inception again last night. While my vote remains definitively the same, Inception wowed me again last night. Such a great movie. As for plots, there aren't many that can compare. Memento, The Usual Suspects, and The Prestige come to mind, but they are definitely few and far between. Love Inception. Oh, and 2001 still wins, but I'm starting to love and appreciate this matchup more and more. 2001's time warp vs. Inception's 3-layer dream state. Two amazingly surreal environments. Epic battle.

Inception is probably Nolan's best - a stunning thriller that left me amazed......but 2001 is sooo great

Inception is great, but it's not Nolan's best. 2001 is an experience, a wonderful experience. The odyssey wins.

"Inception" is a fantastic film. It's my 5th favourite film of all time. It blew me away, especially on 1st viewing, but "2001" blew me away even more. It's unlike anything I've ever seen. Point goes to "2001: A Space Odyssey".

Inception was indeed a masterpiece. It is somewhere on my list but I don't know what ranking but on the other hand 2001: A Space Odyssey is one of the best movie experiences in my life and because of that it wins by a wide margin.

Inception is my favorite movie so this is a no brainer. It also helps that I found 2001 to be boring.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm switching to Inception.

I didn't love 2001, but I appreciate it for what it is. An epic science fiction film. But Inception on the other hand I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish, so it wins big here.

Hahahaha Inception is kids stuff compared to 2001:A Space Odyssey. 2001 all day,any day.


21 vs. 12? Really? Lets even out the score. Inception, a masterpiece? No. 2001:ASO, a masterpiece? Yes. Inception is a brilliant movie, it's fun, it's clever, but it has quite a bit of flaws. Which is something a mastepiece does not have. And 2001:ASO is such a movie, and the only right awnser here.

Yeah, I love Inception: It's in my top 10. But 2001 is my choice here. No way should it be this lopsided in favor of Inception. I do disagree with the notion that Inception isn't a masterpiece though. In my opinion, it's a modern-day masterpiece. Other than Memento and possibly the LOTR trilogy, I honestly can't think of one movie made this century that I enjoyed more than Inception. Still though, I love 2001 even more!!!

2001 wins hands down. amazing movie. amazing book. inception was good but overhyped and kind of annoying. the ending that wasnt really an ending? nah, didn't really like that. give me a good old fashioned killer robot, a giant monolith full of stars and a ghost named dave any day.

I think i might actually go for Inception on this one, but don't get me wrong 2001 is one of my favorites

Im surprised that 2001 has less votes ....but for me 2001 is still the better film... 2001 is a work of art that took my breath away upon viewing it and idk Inception didn't really do it for was good and all....but not that good...

inception wins .2001 is a great movie but its a bit to artsy for me and isn't the kind of movie that I'll be watching any time soon that's my opinion . As for the argument as to which one is a masterpiece my answer is none . there is no such thing as a flawless movie you can find flaws even in the greatest movies if try to do so but what's point in finding flaws movies I just don't get .

Both are similar kind of sic-fi mindblowing movies in a way. But Inception was overly complex and I did not like it's characters or it's whole idea. I mean, I got the whole idea of dream within a dream and all that but I did not like it all very much. 2001, I did not like at first viewing, but after seeing it again, it really clicked for me and I loved it. 2001 is one of kubrick's best movies and holds it's ground against Alien, 2001 wins.

2001 although Inception is a very original interesting film

2001 over any duck tales comic book ripoff

2001 had its moments and for a while was the best Sci-Fi film ever but inception takes over its brilliant effects are stunning the acting is better I like 2001 a lot more realistic but Leo and Co. take it.

If I had to pick one of these movies to be the only movie I ever get to watch again, I'd pick: Inception

2001 wins now.

Oh shit this is tough....

Inception is to 2001 what the Kazoo is to the violin.

2001 is a bad movie with a few good parts. The score, effects, and hal 9000 are all that was good about it. Inception is far better in every way, and it dosent waste half of its run time doing nothing.

2001 is probably the most unnecessarily slow movie I have ever seen. 2001 may be somewhat thought provoking, but Inception was too. Inception was far more entertaining than 2001 which was boring and had zero emotional depth. Inception by a fair distance.

Inception is a great movie, it really is. And it gets some unnecessary hate, but you cannot claim it is the greatest movie of all time like you can for 2001.

Inception for FAR superior pacing

Inception easily. A more complex sci-fi.


2001 is a masterful thesis on how life on earth evolved and tackled the big question of is there a God?. Inception is more about the reality of our dream state. 2001 is the more compelling and perfect film.

2001 crushes every Nolan garbage crap film.


Inception is boring. That overrated actor DiCaprio doesn’t make it better either. 2001 for the win!

The two best science fiction films of their respective centuries. Inception was the more exciting, entertaining, and enjoyable film to watch. 2001 was the more groundbreaking, iconic, and memorable experience. I'd rather rewatch Inception just to understand it better. 2001's ending is far more ambiguous which leads to an endless amount of interpretations. 2001 has better directing and writing, Inception has better acting. 2001's cinematography and soundtrack are legendary. Inception is far better paced, they equal in terms of length. 2001 is more influential and innovative, Inception is more accessible. 2001 has better themes and messages, Inception has better characters and story. They're essentially tied, but 2001's importance to the science fiction genre gives it the edge over Inception.

inception. 2001 is basically the cure for insomnia