Inception vs. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest



Genius action film, or plotless pirates? Both are good fun, but only one is a masterpiece.

Walk the plank, Captain Jack Sparrow. Inception wins.

My love for these Jack Sparrow movies has declined considerably after watching On Stranger Tides, which was an abomination. I choose Leo over Mr. pirate sellout.

Inception. The second Pirates has many dull moments, but when there's action, it's actually a blast.

While I prefer Inception over any of the Disney pirate films, I could at least see how someone might prefer Curse of the Black Pearl. The follow-up's on the other hand...

For sure questions asked

The Pirate series is best. Inception by Murder Death Kill...

Inception for me as well. This is a landslide.

I enjoy voting against Inception. I could not stand it.

Pirates 2 is underrated, but against my favorite movie...

No contest whatsoever. Dead Man's Chest isn't even a bug on Inception's windshield. Inception in a landslide.

I prefer Dead Man's Chest