Inception vs. Return of the Jedi



I probably could sit and watch Inception at any point any day and I wouldn't tire of it. I'd probably have to push myself to watch Jedi.

Inception is higher on my chart, but IDK Jedi is one of my childhood favourites and it still remains in my heart til this very day

Childhood trumps adulthood for me in this case...

I honestly don't even see how there is even a discussion here. Inception was a cool movie, but it is in no way a classic, like some people seem to think. I think that had Inception come out before Flickchart was around, it wouldn't be ranked nearly as high as it is. Don't get me wrong, I did like it, but it doesn't compare to any of the original Star Wars movies, in my opinion.

Inception, easily. ROTJ is easily among the most overrated films in existence, at least when compared to other installments of the franchise. I'd say that it's slightly worse than ROTS and significantly worse than A New Hope and Empire. Inception would have a challenge with those two, but, personally, I feel that the only reason Jedi is ranked as high as it is by the populace is because of its intimate connection to the first two. Ewoks killed the franchise long before Jar Jar. Inception for the Win.

Inception is better. ROTJ isnt overrated, it is really good.

ROTJ isn't overrated it's may not be good as NEW HOPE and EMPIRE STRIKES BACK but it is a great film.INCEPTION is higher on my list though.

I somewhat agree with SquareMaster here. I agree with the 'overrated' part. When you really think about it, RotJ doesn't bring anything new to the franchise besides the (exploitable) Ewoks. Jabba and the Emperor have been mentioned or made brief appearances in the previous movies, so they don't count as 'new'. Most of the movie is just a lot of recycling. I don't really agree with the 'slightly worse than ROTS'-part. I used to like the prequels and even thought ROTS was one of the best of the entire saga, but after Redlettermedia and his reviews my opinion towards the prequels shifted immensely. Anyway, Inception is clearly better. Probably my favorite Nolan movie so far.

This was a tough one but Return of the Jedi is a classic and my favorite Star Wars movie. It's so epic in every way but Inception is obviously a very cool movie as well.

both are SHIT...

Return of the Jedi by a longshot. The original Star Wars blows Inception away.

Both top 10, but only Inception is #1.


Both great films. While Jedi is my favorite film, Inception could very well be my favorite film from the 2000s. Great match-up.

Both top 10, possibly top 5, but Inception is #1.

Inception all the way!

Jedi. Ultimate sci-fi.

Inception is no longer #1, it has fallen to 10. Jedi is 5.

Return of the Jedi is just too magical and nostalgic to lose here.

Jedi wins. Inception is a great popcorn flick but the original star wars movies just have this "magic" around them. It's tough to explain but Star Wars is almost impossible to hate.

both in my top 50, both great. but come on... its Star Wars... IV V VI are monster classics, they are epics. Inception is certainly one of my new favorites w/o a doubt. I have IV V & VI all lumped together as one on my list in the top 20. Hard for me to break them up or choose a favorite among them.

I give Inception the slight edge here. Both are movies that I love.



Inception can't win great Star Wars film like Jedi. Inception is still exceptional.

Definitely Star Wars, inception is very far overrated.

Definitely any Star Wars film stomps the overrated bloated inception.