Inception vs. The Nightmare Before Christmas



Inception is one of the best films ever made so it wins this match up easy and will win most. I feel sorry for the people who are not smart enough to understand Inception because it truly is a great film.

I feel sorry for the people who aren't smart enough to realise that it doesn't take a whole lot of smarts to understand Inception, and that perhaps there are those that comprehend Inception, but still dislike it. Good film though. Anyway, I will now await the man who feels sorry for me. Then we will have pity, within pity, within pity.

Inception by KO

Inception man

Inception isn't really complex at all. It's as simple to understand as, say, any Marvel movie. Sorry, let me correct that. Avengers: Endgame might take a few more brain power because y'know, time travel. Nightmare Before Christmas is a movie that entertained throughout while Inception tried to be smarter than what it really is and ended up being... dull.