Ghost in the Shell vs. Akira



on 10/20/2009

Yikes. Touch choice. Really tough. Going to go with Akira because it was my first introduction to Anime.

on 10/24/2009

WOW! This is an almost impossible choice! Hmmm... be a sheep and go with AKIRA?

on 11/11/2010

I really don't know. I suppose I'd give it to Akira for the Bike & Jacket. Or GITS for the iconic dive? Fuck.

on 3/8/2012

The two best animes ever made! Akira is just a touch better.

on 6/17/2012

Akira. Ghost in the Shell was pretty cool, but Akira gets the edge because of its impact on everything after it (including GitS), its action scenes, and its story (I think it's slightly more engaging and has alot more memeorable characters).

on 9/26/2012

Akira was pretty cool when I was 13, and like most things that I thought were cool when I was 13, I was afraid to go back and see what I think of it now. Pleasantly, rewatching it only confirmed for me why I liked it in the first place. Telling such a busy story in a clear way with characterization and a sense of motivation way is no small feat, especially if it's oldschool animation. And christ, it's still pretty brutal. I remember not liking GitS, but to be fair it's probably been over a decade, and I can't remember how conscious I was when it was on.

on 9/26/2012

Addendum: dammit flickchart. Don't make it look like I voted for a movie I haven't even ranked.

on 12/13/2013


on 1/7/2014

Akira has the subjects of corrupt government ideals within it and is deeper than most animations. Ghost in the shell is deep also but follows down the path of Blade Runner were these machines become self-conscious. The ending of Ghost in the Shel is interesting and is also full of action. Akira was one of the first anime movies I watched were I completely loved it. Ghost in the shell was good but not as good as Akira.

on 4/12/2017

finally, a TOUGH one

on 4/12/2017

Can't say I love either, but the nod goes to Ghost in the Shell...

on 4/22/2017

What a tough choice. But I think Akira will be better than Ghost in the Shell. It has an action depth to this anime film that has a good plot.

on 10/3/2018

Akira hands down!