The Man Who Knew Too Much vs. Rear Window



The Hitchcock movies with James Stewart are always great. Rear Window just barely wins this one for me because it's so creatively original.

Yep, Hitchcock and Stewart made some great movies together. Rear Window is as of now my favorite Hitchcock film.

Rear window for me.

This is no contest. TMWKTM just didn't do a whole lot for me. It's pretty average by Hitchcock standards. Rear Window, on the other hand, is a top 5 from Hitch in most peoples minds including mine. TMWKTM would fall somewhere in the 15-20 range for me amongst Hitchcock's grand filmography.

I concur with what Nononsense said.

Love Hitchcock and Stewart so much and here Rear Window takes it a top 20 film for me!

Rear Window, all the way...

The Man Who Knew Too Much didn't do a lot for me! It was thrilling and enjoyable at times but certainly not deep. Rear Window has one of the screenplays ever written and it's combined with superb acting, cinematography and directing. Rear Window knocks TMWKTM out of the park!

^Forget what I said, The Man Who Knew Too Much is really good! The locations are beautiful, the directing is inspiring, the acting is brilliant and it's very suspenseful. It isn't as deep as Hitchcock's other works but that shouldn't degrade it at all. Rear Window still wins but I have to wonder; what was wrong with me in April!

James Stewart, Doris Day and Hitchcock made a dud? How is that even possible? The Man Who Knew Too Much is simply a bad film. Jimmy Stewart's character is a useless bag of vanilla. The entire dull plot revolves around timing a poppycock assassination around a cymbal clank. It's like they had that idea and then rolled camera without a script to lead up to the concept. There is no charm in a movie with those leads? That in and of itself is impossible to believe.

Obviously rear window is superior but I do believe the criticisms of tmwktm is a bit harsh, I wouldn't say it was a dud