Clueless vs. Mean Girls



*beep* Both are awesome, both are very quotable, both became an instant classic.

"You are a virgin, who *can't* drive."

The Battle I've been waiting for.These are in my opinion.The 2 best Teen films.

Dang what a hard decision. Of course I will lean towards Mean Girls becauase it is awesome but both are really good.

I could watch both of them back to back. They are two AWESOME teen films. Probably the best ones ever made, really.

Both films are as good as a chick flick can get. I'll pick Mean Girls. Tina Fey is my hero!

like me some Lohan but loves me some Silverstone Clueless in a close race.

Clueless is fun, but it lacks the bite of Mean Girls. In this case, the 2000s top the 1990s.

Mean Girls all the way...

The mother and daughter of high school female drama comedies and they both kick ass. Mean Girls is my pick.


I prefer Mean Girls.

I liked Mean Girls fine enough, but I honesty don't remember a lot from it (other than the bits everyone keeps quoting...), whereas Clueless still has quite a few scenes & lines lodged in my memory.

Clueless is better imo. Paul Rudd is in it makes it a tad bit better.