Scream 4 vs. Saw



Scream 4 = The Return to Classic Horror. Or Saw = The Beginning of torture porn and shitty horror. Gee, let me think...

scream 4

I just recently finished watching the Saw series and saw the new Scream in theaters. Saw, Saw 2, and Saw the Final Chapter are my favorites of the Saw series, while the others are lame and try to make the story line more confusing than it needs to be. I like all of the Screams including the new one. Scream 4 did a great job for making another film after the past three were very close together. Saw is an okay film, very gruesome, but intriguing. The final scene is epic and great. But Scream wins because of its great job to stay true to its roots and parody the stereotypes in horror films.

Well, while saw started off strong with the first film, now it just feels dragged out and overdone, not that i dont see the new ones when they come out, but i pretty much expect the same thing with nothing new to offer. Of course now i wait till they come out on dvd instead of wasting my money seeing the "saw" movies in theatres. Now scream, Scream as a whole is a better franchise by far. They keep the story rolling and try to change it up a bit in each film. Scream 1 and Scream 4 were by far the best of the franchise but you cant help but love "Sceam" and sure enough if they continue to make 1 or 2 more, people will flock to the theatres to see them. I think Scream has much more expectations from its audience, While "saw" you already know what to expect and you feel like while it may be gruesome and inventive traps, it still the same recycled bit thats been done to death at this point.

Scream 4 I love the Scream franchise. The Saw series isn't that great. The first Saw film is okay though.

Scream 4 without a doub!

Yeah, Saw started a pretty bad wave of horror; that of torture porn. That being said, I still do enjoy the first and the third ones. Leigh Whannell is one of the horror names worthy your attention right now. Scream 4, though, is awesome in all honesty. I don't know if it's a guilty pleasure or shit, but boy do I enjoy that shit. Scream is probably the most consistently good horror franchise there is; I'll also pick Scre4m without a "doub!"

Scream 4 for me. I'd give a solid 6.5/10.