Scream 4 vs. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre



Two great slasher flicks. But Texas Chainsaw Massacre is still pretty damn disturbing.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre creeped the shit out of me. But it's boring as hell. It look like a amateur movie. Scream 4 isn't any good, but actually I can watch with the earphones.

Scream 4...Just kidding =P I would never do that.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre easy and yeah it looks armature thats what makes it scary it looks and feels real! a slow burn that is intense while Scream 4 feels like a joke almost too meta!

Scream 4 is pretty bland. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is still pretty creepy to this day

The absolutely perfect Chainsaw or the pure crap of Scream 4.

Oh this is easy, Scream 4 is garbage while Chainsaw is a masterpiece. I know a lot of people like Scream 4, but I personally hated it. All I saw was a nonsensical plot with terribly stupid characters. Like sometimes they just forget they have a phone to call the cops. And when a body comes flying down smashing into a car, Gale is.. mad at her husband? Huh? Lady someone’s dead and your still being that petty? I have more problems, but to summarize: While I think Scream 3 is still the worst, I can’t deny this one is also trash. Texas Chainsaw is leagues ahead. It’s practically a perfect film, as I struggle to see problems with it. It’s just a masterful tail of a soul crushing nightmare. And to everyone who says it’s too slow or boring; Please understand that the film wouldn’t be nearly as good if it didn’t have such a masterful build up, not every story needs to be non-stop action. Some stories work better at a slow pace.

The best thing Scream 4 has going for it is that it isn't Scream 3. Texas Chainssw holds up really well, it's never stopped making me feel uncomfortable. Leatherface and family wins easy.