Inglourious Basterds vs. Pulp Fiction



FINALLY. The match-up I've been waiting for.

Right now its 'Pulp Fiction'. Really enjoyed 'Inglorious Basterds' but will have to see it a few more times and wait a bit to see if it holds up.

The thing about PULP FICTION that always bothered me (and I was a confirmed Tarantino hater for years) was the lack of design, and how compassion and empathy is constantly undermined. It was a clever film, sure, but it wasn't about anything, and in the end was rather soulless. On the other hand, I was impressed by INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS; Tarantino has finally joined the world of adult entertainment and has added something to cinematic discourse that is witty, persuasive and very very impressive. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that, as the closing line of the film suggests, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS is QT's masterpiece, and will be remembered as such.


Pulp Fiction is, without a doubt, one of the few movies I could watch over and over without getting sick of it. I've seen Inglourious Basterds twice so far, so I'll see how that one stacks up. But for now it's Pulp Fiction.

These are both in my current Top 5 (yes I'm a pretty big fan of QT), but the one I think I could watch more then once is Pulp Fiction.

Both are the best of a decade, but which one is better? DAMN..... Right now I prefer PF, but what will be tomorrow?

I loved Inglourious Basterds, but I think Pulp Fiction was slightly better.

They're a tie for me, like most Tarantino films.

i'm gonna cop out like most people. just put pulp fiction by default. ask me again in 5-10 years, flickchart.

I enjoyed the hell out of Inglourious Basterds but it's not quite good enough to replace Pulp Fiction as my favorite Tarrantino film. Sometimes I think Pulp Fiction will always be my favorite Tarantino film.

To me, this is not a contest. Inglourious Basterds: good in parts. Pulp Fiction: utterly brilliant from start to finish.

Love them both and while neither is my fav QT flick, they're both going to be film class staples for the next 100 years. Thant said, Basterds is the more timeless piece.

Pulp Fiction has always been my favorite Tarantino film. I sometimes think Jackie Brown could almost be better than Pulp Fiction. Inglorious Basterds is the best since those two. Pulp Fiction has to hold them both off.

Pulp. Fiction.

Basterds may be my favorite Tarantino flick,

Im choosing Inglourious Basterds for now since i haven't seen Pulp Fiction in more than 5 years. For all i know, Inglourious might truly be better.

This is the toughest comparison yet since i started flickchart. Im a big Tarantino fan. This is like making someone choose between his/her kids. I think Inglorious Basters gets the edge though. It was a great script in a foreign dialect. Very ambitious and it was beautiful. INGLORIOUS BASTERDS

My two favorite Tarantino films. Basterds has the Jew Hunter; Pulp has Jules. Basterds opens with the farmhouse; Pulp opens with the robbery discussion. Both stand tall on some of cinema's best dialogue written in the last 20 years; both equate violence with cool, and do so successfully; both are excellent examples of a fantastic ensemble of actors. All in all, I still have yet to enjoy a movie more than Pulp Fiction, but Inglorious Basterds does come close. But close don't cut it, baby.

Can't... make.. a .. decision..

This is an easy one for me. "Basterds" it is.

Everything in Pulp is perfect. Basterds seemed to be missing a few things for me.

Very close, but Pulp Fiction is the winner here. They both have crazy tension, sharp, witty writing, awesome casts, and unforgettable characters, but Pulp Fiction is one of the most iconic movies I've ever seen.

Pulp Fiction is stil, easily the best Tarantino film.

Personally, these are my top 2 Tarantino film. PF is #1.

Just a moment ago I had to grudgingly vote Basterds above Reservoir Dogs. But this choice is even harder. I'll declare it a tie, and award the win to the one that came first.

Pulp Fiction by far.

Inglourious was such a better film in so many ways. Wasn't a big fan of Pulp Fiction. Reservoir Dogs was the better gangster film.

Pulp Fiction is a classic.

Gangster film VS War film (well somewhat). They both have thoses tarantino trademarks that makes his films iconic. but PULP FICTION FOR THE WIN ALWAYS

Can it get more difficult than this? Both movies are a work of art. Both have lines that are easily quotable. What Inglorious Basterds benefits from is Tarantino with 15 years of film making experience. Everything in Inglorious Basterds is better: the story, the characters, the acting, the dialogue, you name it its better (except the soundtrack). But what puts Pulp Fiction over the top is its place in film history. Nostalgia is enough to give it to Pulp Fiction. Pulp Fiction allowed us to hear Samuel L. Jackson say "I'm tired of these mother fucking snakes on this mother fucking plane." Win!

Pulp Fiction

man i don't even have an opinion

When I was 13, I would have said Pulp Fiction. Then ask what "Inglourious Basterds" is. Then call you a retard or a fag or something. Nowadays I see Pulp Fiction as a pretty toxic influence on film, and Inglourious as surprisingly multi-dimensional for what it is, so I'm edging toward the latter.

Inglorious Basterds delivers on every front. Pulp Fiction is a classic but it doesn't pack the same punch. The unique story, outrageous as it is in Inglorious Basterds is fantastic and the amazing characters involved are what makes it such an amazing film. Tarantino created something to different and bizarre yet so fulfilling that it's amazing. Pulp Fiction is a phenomenal film but the innovation and diverseness of Inglorious is why it's a better film in my opinion.

#3 and #5 on my list. Yes it really is that close, Pulp by a hair.

Bastardos Inglorios!

What Mystic Spoon said. (Except I'd end it with a vowel. Does 'A' represent plurality? 'O' is singular right?) Don't get me wrong, I prefer the emotional emptiness of Pulp, but I'm gonna let the Jew Hunter slip on by.

Wait, flip that. Or fuck that; probably more complicated than 'that'. Fucking romance languages. Anyway, vowels for the rhythm. Vowels for the win.

I dunno, it's from the Brazilian poster, so it's Portuguese, which I don't speak. I think it translates to Bastardos Ignominiosos in Spanish. The Basterds are male, so it's Bastardo instead of Bastarda. The noun is plural, the adjective is plural. Therefore: 1 Bastardo Ignominioso, 2 Bastardos Ignominiosos. Spanish with MysticSpoon! *CHEESY WINK*

^to 1st comment.

^I compare it to Spanish because it's somewhat similar to Portuguese. And because I can speak *some* Spanish. How to end this...Soy un Don Juan, comprende?


Thought we were butchering Italian. I'm down with anglophone narcissism, but I do begrudgingly have a few other tongues in my back-pocket (hah, "tongues in my back-pocket"). Don't do romance languages. Don't do romance. I can read braille with my tongue though. Maybe I do do romance languages after all (hah, I said "doodoo").

Incidentally, Google tells me it's 'Bastardi' and 'Inglorioso'. Officially 'Bastardi senza gloria', but fuck Italian. (Hah, I said butt-fuck)

I wondered when this matchup was going to pop up for me. I know Pulp is sacred, but the Basterds gets the nod for me.

Pulp Fiction will always be, I'm sure, Tarantino's best.

Love them both but I engage more in Pulp Fiction, as there weren't as many subplots to keep up with.

The Goodfather speaks the truth.

Two films that fall short of Reservoir Dogs. Pulp Fiction.

On second thought, gimme Inglourious.

Basterds is good but Pulp Fiction is the best.

Pulp Fiction hands down is the better film,Basterds is good but Pulp Fiction is the best

Best of the decade's a pretty bold claim for both of these. I'd pick Reservoir Dogs over Pulp Fiction for best of the 90s.

Basterds is great but Pulp Fiction is Tarantino's masterpiece

Two great films.

Inglourious Basterds is the better experience.

QT; basically a glorified pantomine writer for adults. That said, Pulp Fiction's intricate plot, witty dialogue set pieces and sheer cultural influence alone make it the better film. Inglourious Basterds is basically a retroactive revenge fantasy which, aside from Christoph Waltz's performance and a few exceptional sequences (namely the opening sequence and bar sequence), doesn't mesh together particularly well and drags on much longer than it should and feels entirely self-indulgent. Admittedly I have only seen both once each, and I need to watch both of them again, but while Pulp Fiction had me on edge for its entire length, Basterds had long dull segments inbetween some decidedly splendid set pieces, both dialogue and action related. This is not to say that Basterds is bad; I think it's a half-decent film, but QT has done some much better films in the past and since (I found Django much more entertaining albeit still overrated and self-indulgent). So not only do I think Pulp Fiction is the better film, it is also the better experience.

Pulp Fiction, the movie of movies

I am a huge Tarantino fan, and love but movies dearly, but 'Inglorious Basterds, is the more impressive film, IMO. The way it had fun rewriting history, and Christoph Waltz' main baddie is ingenious!

Pulp Fiction > Django Unchained > Inglourious Basterds. All three are masterpieces.

Pulp for its legacy.

Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and Django Unchained are the only Tarantino films that beat Basterds...Not close but Basterds is still in my top 20

PULP FICTION ANY DAY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

This is my personal Tarantino selection (and i really do think most of you guys agree judging by the comments!) Well,i freakin' love "Pulp Fiction" and i really do think it will be Tarantino's carrer masterpiece regarding it importance n' relevance ,you just can't top it. But even with all that,"Basterds" nailed me so good that heck,there's just no way i don't say it's my favorite Tarantino movie overall. It has the right amount of crazy.

Gosh,who i'm's Pulp Fiction. Maybe it will change tomorrow again. It's just that close. lol

Ze Bastards...all the way

Two fantastic films by Tarantino but Pulp Fiction is my favourite film of his.

Pulp Fiction, two great Tarantino flicks.

Tarantino is my my favorite director and these are two of his top 3 movies in my opinion. Basterds is currently 13 on my list, but Pulp Fiction is my favorite film of all time.


If I had to pick one of these movies to be the only movie I ever get to watch again, I'd pick: Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction easy

Inglourious basterds is my favourite Tarantino film.It gets the win here.But I like pulp fiction too.

Pulp Fiction: Tempo de Violencia is the clearly winner for my here. It has Sam Jackson.

Finally another Tarantino movie I liked. Whatever, Pulp Fiction is a top 10 movie Imo.

both have good table talks but inglorious bastards has more tension in those scenes

I used to think that Pulp Fiction was good, then I saw Inglorious Basterds. Talk about a Nazi-scalping freaking masterpiece!

Inglourious Basterds is fucking fantastic, but Pulp Fiction is fucking Pulp Fiction!

Obviously Pulp Fiction.

Inglorious Basterds is one of those great movies that you can watch over and over again. However, it doesn't hold a candle to Pulp Fiction.

Tarintino's best films. Both are masterpieces and I wouldn't argue if you chose one over the other, but Inglourious Basterds was more enjoyable to me than Pulp Fiction by just a little bit. I love both, though.

Pulp Fiction is a insane splits from the pulp literature to the tradition of the European film d'auteur and the easy winner of this comparison.

I'm honestly a bit confused as to how to answer this. I think I'll answer Pulp just because it's higher on my list so far, but Basterds will likely rise after another rewatch. My opinion on Basterds has drastically improved after learning more about the nuances and more about how plot structure works and things like that. Both are very close in certain aspects. I'd say that Basterds has slightly better cinematography and definitely better lighting. The dialogue in both films is both iconic and memorable, but Basterds gets the nod for how much tension it can induce. I think Pulp wins simply for its themes of redemption and just how enjoyable it is.