Apocalypto vs. The Road Warrior



Because of Apocalypto, I got to see dazzling amounts of gore, really natural child birth, and a guy bite into a large pair of animal testicles. Somehow, though, none of those things amounted to an enjoyable movie. It seemed liked Mel Gibson was trying to symbolize or analogize the evils and/or decline of modern civilization, but he's a crazy religious person, afterall. Road Warrior takes place after civilzation went to Hell, and so I didn't have to think about any symbolizing or analogizing. I could just sit back and watch people in funny costumes kill each other and crash motor vehicles. Though, Road Warrior could be about our futile dependence on oil, or something. I guess there are just a lot of bad people screwing things up, whether it be in the future or the past.


Apocalypto was more intriguing and I never saw anything like it.

Apocalypto is extremely underrated. The Road Warrior is very cool. Hard to decide.

Oldschool > new 99.9% of the time. I sympathize with modern psycho-Mel Gibson as a person more than most people, though.

That's, um, worrying.

It seems to me he feels displaced, like he feels he should have been born in more patriarchal times, and he lashes out as a result. I don't think it's "right," but I can understand it.

road warrior is an all time cult classic! I tend to go with classic 80s films over high glossy new era epics but that doesnt mean i didnt love apoca very much!

Both of these movies suck. I'll just flip a coin...