The Running Man vs. Predator



This ultimate match-up will crush you, will dominate you, will make scream hilarious one-liners in a thick-as-molasses Austrian accent! God, what a double feature. I must have watched these movies back2back dozens of times when I was little. What casts these movies had too! Arnold is obvious, but the bad-asses on display here are truly one-of-a-kind! Much love for Governor The Body as well! Oh, yeah, ahem... Predator all the way.

I know which one I pick, and I wouldn't want to be a liar...

Predator....The Running Man is great...but it also comes with a helping of cheese.

predator, love it till the end

Predator is more serious and for good reason.

My love for Predator has dropped a little bit, but it's definitely ahead of The Running Man.