Life of Brian vs. Monty Python and the Holy Grail



Oh geez, finally a worthy matchup! Even as an American, I gotta go with Life of Brian. As great as Holy Grail is, it's just a mockery of medieval times, whereas the other pokes fun at Bible stories. And no one did that better than the Monty Python troupe!

Wow. Well, I'd probably give it to The Holy Grail, not because it's the better film (it isn't) but it definitely holds a much higher place in my memories. The Holy Grail brings back the total chaos and sheer randomness of the T.V. show that nobody can deliver as well as Monty Python themselves

This is a cool match up. Both are nose-snort funny. Both are highly intelligent. But since I HAVE to choose...I relate more to Brian having grown up Catholic. The alternative Jesus story is just to clever.

Holy Grail is sophomoric compared compared to Brian

I've always found the funniest PYTHON to be the one I saw last. Or am watching. While I'm watching a PYTHON film, I just can't imagine anything being funnier. So the funniest one is THE HOLY GRAIL. And THE LIFE OF BRIAN. And THE MEANING OF LIFE. AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT...

I've always been of the opinion that the laughs come faster and harder in Holy Grail. It's the one I saw first, and certainly my favorite. I'm the sort of person who goes to see Spamalot (a fantastic musical) but can never forgive it for its slightest transgression from the movie. Still I have to go with Life of Brian, mostly because of the flawless parody of the life of Jesus. Also because it tells a solid story, unsegmented by the adventures of separate knights, which has never been, in my opinion, as effective a storytelling technique.

Life of Brian has More To Say, to be sure, and as such is probably the better film, but I'll always *like* Holy Grail more for it's straight-out farce and easy rewatchability.

Brian's mom pretty much pushes The Life of Brian ahead of Holy Grail for me. "he's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy."

The Life of Brian, The Meaning of Life. These may not have come before The Holy Grail, but they felt like Monty Python going through the trials and tribulations of comedic upstarts before everything came together with The Holy Grail. The Life of Brian is in the same realm as The Holy Grail, but it still feels a little like a kid tagging along by holding onto his parent's leg with a death grip. The Holy Grail is a classic, and The Life of Brian a brilliantly blasphemous film.

Even the Pythons themselves have acknowledged Life of Brian as the better film, but considering this isn't a battle of better films, but which one I like more, I have to go with Holy Grail. I was exposed to it earlier than Life of Brian, and I find it funnier. They're both wonderfully joyous to watch, but every year I sit down around Christmastime and watch Holy Grail, and to me that's the sign of which one will win.

They both are hilarious, but Holy Grail gets the nod because I can walk into a crowded area just about anywhere and begin a line and have at least 5 people finish it (at least in their heads). There's an instant connection there with people who have seen the film and enjoyed it. Even 20 years later, anytime I get together with my childhood friends at weddings or what not, we inevitably start quoting from this movie and laugh ourselves till it hurts. Also, I'm not sure I would classify The Life of Brian as a "blasphemous" film. If either of them are blasphemous, technically it would be The Holy Grail with its cartoon depiction of God. Just saying.... :)

I grew up on Holy Grail and it wasn't until later that I finally got around to seeing Brian. It's tough to argue with my childhood nostalgia, but the satire in Brian is so sharp I think I have to go with it instead. Hell, even the criterion collection thought it was good, and that's a pretty damn high compliment.

Holy Grail introduced me to Monty Python somewhere around age 9, so it will always be my favorite.

Just because Brian is the more *conventional* film doesn't necessarily make it a better one. Python really didn't need to be doing things conventionally; it wasn't their strong suit. Brian is more directly satirical, but that doesn't make it funnier. I find some of the satire a little on the nose, and more bits fall flat in Brian than Grail for me. Which is funnier; which one will I be more inclined to watch again and laugh at no matter how many times I hear the same material? Easy call for me: Grail.

They're both funny as hell, but Life Of Brian is the all-around better movie.

Life of Brian has some golden moments, but Holy Grail is more consistently funny.


Holy Grail by a landslide.

They're making me choose? I've seen both in 24 hours, and in the end, I think Life Of Brian wins because I can relate more to the religious humour.

The Life of Brian is a better move with a better story, but I will never forget the first time I saw Holy Grail and it is so much more quotable.

Holy Grail, hands down. Nonstop laughs. Brian is hit and miss.

They are both really funny and definitely capture the essence of Monty Python, but The Holy Grail has made me want to watch it again and again, even after I've memorized every line.

I strongly recomend for those of you who can't decide. I'm going with the Grail all the way. Why? Every time I get around with my friends to play some RPG's (no matter the system - DnD, Warhammer, Legend of Five Rings, Neuroshima [we also did Call of Cthulu, but strangely, it was not affected :P]) the game get owned by Grail quotes. No castle is ever scary (It's only a model), no wizard is good enough to talk to unless he's throwing fireball's around, no bridge is being crossed without questions asked and of course no creature is as scary and bloodthirsty as a lisste white bunny (I had my player rush on to certain death on trolls, dragons, demons, unspoken horrors, mechanical monstrosity's, lich's, ghosts and there own mother only to have them run away from a bunny). So yes, Grail because of the huge impact on my life it had :)

How do you choose? They are both brilliant in their own ways.

Holy Grail. No contest. Perhaps the easiest VS I've seen...

I really like the opinions on this clash. Both of them had a great influence on me and they were really the turning point to start adoring Monty Python. Holy Grail wins by a inch.

How shall we fuck off oh, Lord?

How shall we fuck off, oh Lord?

Wow this is difficult... I think however I am going to have to pick Life of Brian but it's so close.

are you suggesting that swallows migrate?

I didn't know this, but reading through the discussions it appears Life of Brian is overrated. Holy Grail falls apart at the end, but Life of Brian is realistically a mess throughout. Holy Grail is definitely the superior film.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Life of Brian, the whole 'What have the Romans done for us?' and Judean People's Front vs the People's Front of Judea. But Holy Grail is the better one for me. Maybe it's because it's the more Pythonesque movie, or that it has more Gilliam animations, or the Killer Rabbit scene, or the Knights Who Say Ni. But for me the jokes are always funny and fresh regardless how many times I see them.

I was pretty disappointed with Life of Brian. I liked it, but Holy Grail is far superior and much more consistent.

Holy Grail is the better movie, but I somehow get more enjoyment from Life of Brian. I'm choosing Holy Grail, but both are epic films.

Holy Grail feels more like a series of sketches, while Life of Brian is definitely more of a cohesive story with meaning and prowess and vaginas.

Both are so great, tough choice!!

A good matchup. If I should choose then it's definitely "Life of Brian". The Biggus Dickus scene and Brian's mother are so memorably hilarious.

Not even close. The Holy Grail DESTROYS Life of Brian. Holy Grail is hysterical from start to finish; Life of Brian is funny, but boring and uses recycled humor. Holy Grail waltzes away with this one

Holy Grail was, is, and always will be funny. Life of Brian seems outdated.

Holy Grail was, is, and always will be funny. Life of Brian seems outdated.

life of brian


Holy Grail I never laughed so hard.

Is it bad that I like these two as much as I do coming from someone who generally dislikes comedy and sillyness? Holy Grail is more funny and a better movie!

I think that Holy Grail has more laughs, and is more quotable. However, I think that Life of Brian takes more risks, tells the funnier story, and the jokes are better thought out and funnier, even it they aren't coming at you as quickly. For that, and the ending, I have to give it to Life of Brian.

Quite clearly Holy Grail.

I though Life of Brian was genius and laughed a ton. The Holy Grail was not funny. It just wasn't

"What's so funny about Sussus Amogus"