Kill Bill Vol. 1 vs. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom



Kill Bill Vol. 1 is OK, but it has a strong advantage over Temple of Doom for two reasons: #1 No annoying sidekick and #2 No annoying love interest. I never want to watch Temple of Doom again.


Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino in a tour de force achievement dooms Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom's chances here.

I'm still going with Indy

Silly rabbit, Indy's for kids.

As much as I love Indy, I heart Quentin Tarantino more. Kill Bill is one of my top movies.

I thought that Temple of Doom was one of the weakest Indie movies. I am not a huge fan of the Kill Bill's but vol. 1 was good and entertaining.

kill bill is crap. actually, almost everything tarantino made is crap. with the exceptions of pulp fiction and jackie brown.

varus doesnt know anything, tarantino's movies are works of art, pulp fiction was okay. but inglourious basterds and kill bill, those are amazing. kill bill wins