Kill Bill Vol. 1 vs. Juno



Damn this is hard. I really liked both movies. Apologies to Michael Cera but I'm going with Kill Bill

I liked both volumes of Kill Bill a lot, but I ultimately think that Juno is a better movie.

'Juno' is one of my favorite films, 'Kill Bill' is currently my MOST favorite film.


Kill Bill is one of those that really stayed with me long after I watched it, and I could watch it over and over and not get sick of it. Juno is one of those movies I know I really, really liked, but didn't leave me with anything close to what Kill Bill did.

Teenage pregnancy or awesome ninja fighting? I am a huge fan of teenage pregancy and all, but Uma Thurman killing 88 Japanese people by herself. Come on!!

Just imagine who you wouldn't mind seeing everyday. Sarcastic and idealistic pregnant teenage girl. Or hot ninja assassin out to kill all who have wronged her. Easy choice in my opinion. Sorry Juno.

fuck you Juno