Aladdin vs. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs



I was amazed as a child when I heard about the animation techniques in Snow White. I guess that film made me a film lover.

Aladdin! Snow White is lovely, but the story has nothing on Aladdin.

Aladdin was my childhood.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed Snow White but Aladdin is on a whole new level when talking about Disney animated films. It's right at the top, second or third favourite for me!

Aladdin. A classic Disney tale that still delivers today.

Love them both. Aladdin has great colour, romance and songs though

Aladdin's music wins it for me.

Aladdin has everything

Snow White is deep and bizarre with great animation and it came out in 1937! but Aladdin has more aspects that I love!

I loves Aladdin, saw it three it three or four times at the theater, bought the soundtrack and drove my family crazy by playing it over and over again, Tim Rice and Alan Menken were amazing, no, Elton didn't make up for the loss of Menken. Drawfs, should be dwarves actually, thanks WOW, didn't really do it for me.

Going with Prince Ali

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is obviously more iconic, but the film is rather old and dusty. Yeah, Aladdin wins...

Definitely Aladdin