Jurassic Park vs. Iron Man



Tough, but have to go with Jurassic Park out of nostalgia.

Two extremely fun movies! Going with JP I guess.

Iron Man wins, folks, even if I do watch Jurassic Park more!

Yes, Iron Man wins especially when you factor in subsequent movies.

Simply Jurassic Park!

Jurassic Park it is.

Jurassic Park and it's not even close. Iron Man was terrible, a brainless movie made for the Moron Generation.

Iron Man and it shouldn't even be close. Iron Man is how you write a great film. No FX tricks to carry a weak script there...

Gotta pick Jurassic Park over poor man's Batman Begins.

I love Jurassic Park, but i simply can't ignore the T-rex in the room; as lazy a deus-ex machina ending that I can recall in a long while.

I'm picking the one made for the moron generation ;)


Spielberg 's spellbinder wins this.

Iron Man and the universe built upon it for the win, Alex.

Jurassic Park easily.

We need to see Iron Man fighting Dinos at least once in live action. That would be damn cool.

Very tough but gonna have to go Iron Man because I love RDJ and Tony Stark

EVERYONE loves RDJ and Tony Stark unless they are jealous butthurt fans of the "Distinguished Competition" ...Iron Man easily.

Jurassic Park easily. Iron man was standard superhero film and at least for me nothing more.

Both refreshing at cool that broke through big but Iron Man is simply the better all around film. When you factor in subsequent movies it's a runaway.

Jurassic Park is a masterpiece, a God of blockbuster films. Iron Man is a fun superhero flick but nothing more.

im probably the only one who didn't like JP at all

I'm taking Iron Man. I have no love for any Jurassic Park movies

I always thought the first IM was just kinda average, it stands no chance against a veritable classic like JP

(Ok not "average" perhaps, but still: nowhere close to JP)