Jurassic Park vs. The Mummy



I never liked The Mummy too much, and Jurassic Park is awesome. So, the winner is... Jurassic Park!

jurassic park

This isn't a VS at all...at least it shouldn't be....The Park for the win...

I grew up loving both, but Jurassic Park is epic!

The Mummy for me. One of my favorite action-adventure flicks.

I'd like to see a battle between Imotep and the T-Rex. Anyway, JP is the far superior film.

I really like The Mummy, but Jurassic Park is the better film.

Not much of a contest.

Jurassic Park obviously. The Mummy is decent but nothing more than an Indiana Jones wannabe with a bunch of CGI.


Jurassic Park.

Jurrasic Park, thinking again.

i like the The Mummy a bit more