Mamma Mia! vs. My Big Fat Greek Wedding



Tough one! Greece, weddings....I think Mamma Mia! wins, though, it's got singing.

The lesser of two evils for me...


Mamma Mia! was My Big Fat Wedding a fiasco.

Wow, battle of the Greek-themed romances. I'm going with Big Fat Wedding just because Pierce Brosnan singing is a little bit grating on the ears.

My wife has made me watch Mamma Mia! three times so far. I've actually managed to stomach it all three times, despite Brosnan's singing. I don't think I could ever sit through My Big Fat Greek Wedding again. Fortunately, I don't think my wife cared for it that much, either.

I wonder why I have seen both of these movies... I shouldn't have...

My Big Fat Greek Wedding has a more heartfelt story than Mammia Mia, which seemed to be made merely as an excuse to sing a bunch of ABBA (which is fun, but certain stars really shouldn't sing on screen *coughPierceBrosnancough*). The former also has a good ending and is funnier.

Oh dear. Hate both, but I had the misfortune of watching Mamma Mia in the cinema, with no chance of escape. Plus I did actually laugh once or twice in MBFGW, so I'll go with the ridiculously profitable Greek wedding.

Mama Mia! Was better IMO. The only funny scene in MBFGW was the line "I have three testicles".

My wife absolutely loves Mamma Mia.....but she isn't the one voting here.