The Rules of the Game vs. Persona



These are two of the greatest films ever made, according to people I don't agree with.

We don't agree. These are two of the greatest films ever made, Bergman just might be the greatest director of all time and Persona is one of his very best films. Smiles of a Summer Night is my favorite Bergman though which might have something to do with the reason I prefer Renoir's Rules of the Game to Bergman's Persona and indeed all of Bergman's films. I rank Rules 6th all time and Persona 24th.

Two some of the best films ever made. Persona by one spot on my list.

Must go with Renior...

It's Persona here

la regle du jeu is incredible, but persona is my #17 right now

Both of these French Films are odd birds. I'll go with The Rules of the Game as the better film for one reason. The score was fantastic!

P E R S O N A.

Rules of the game has a coherent story. So I’m going with that