TRON: Legacy vs. TRON



While the sequel is beautiful (arguably just as much as the original, albeit in an entirely different way), TRON has such a magical quality that Legacy captures, but not entirely. So, although I thoroughly enjoyed TRON: Legacy, the original still wins.

The original may have been awesome at the time, but it seems so lame watching it now. Legacy has a slightly better plot and acting, but the visual effects, sound and music are vastly better. I'd go with Legacy if I had to see one of them again.

If I had seen the original when it came out I’m sure I would have been more impressed. I first saw it only a couple of years ago and despite the fanatical ravings from my husband, I found it to be largely dull. The sequel , although I would have liked more action, is vastly better in every way.

I watched the original Tron the night before I watched Tron Legacy. I'm too young to have seen Tron when it first premiered back in the 80s so I expected to be annoyed and shaking my head if I watch the outdated special effects. But it quickly didn't bother me when I got engaged with the story. I love Tron and Flynn, they have different personalities but made a good team. The minor program characters were interesting too. The plot and the characters of Tron Legacy didn't hold up to the original. BUT Legacy easily win in the special effects and music department. When the music kicks in after Flynn's monologue about the grid, it just brings a smile to your face. The scene in the club was pointless plotwise and you could easily get rid of Michael Sheen BUT the fight scene was awesome combined with Daft Punk's music. I wish Tron would have more screentime because...well..he's TRON!! He was the hero of the original!

I don't really remember much about Tron so the match-up is moot. Tron Legacy was a fun watch though. Someone once said that the movie Suspiria was empty in most traditional regards but was gorgeous both sonically and visually. That's how I feel about Tron Legacy. Avatar is another one that gets immense praise for its visuals (def not for it's audio though) but there's no comparison. You can respect Avatar for Cameron's visual work (even if the rest of the movie id poo poo) but you just can't enjoy it the way you do Tron Legacy. I mean fuck, a tree is just a tree no matter how graphically excellent it might be. Legacy is a light show with Daft Punk.

Better music, better visuals, better plot. The hours flew by as I watched Legacy, so it's an easy win.

Legacy is a good relaunch for the series, but the story feels underwritten at times and has it's slow moments. The music and visuals are amazing, but the original film maintains a certain aura that Legacy is lacking.

Slight nod to the original. Legacy was a bit of a turn off seeing the older Kevin Flynn act like The Dude from Lebowski.

Legacy easily sweeps this competition. The original Tron felt shallow, like the producers weren't really sure about what to do with it. By Legacy, Disney had figured it out and it shows.

I really respect the franchise legacy but truth is,i didn't like both of them.

Nostalgia with a unique idea wins out over cashing in on nostalgia with an amazing soundtrack. They both had decent effects for their time.

Let's be honest, neither were great. The original is pure cheese, but it wins, solely due to nostalgia.

I saw TRON as a child, and was enthralled by it all!! Had toys, t-shirts, etc.....having said that, watching it as an adult, it was fairly "bla". I would vote for TRON: Legacy in nearly every category.....special effects, acting, action, story, etc. My problem with T:L is that it's a sequel 30 years later rather than a reboot. A reboot would have done better at the Box Office, and probably would sell better in Blueray/DVD's than a sequel that you must be at least 40 years old to have seen the original at the movies.

Tron 1 was a joke. Looks like a movie a little kid couldve made on ms paint. Love tron legacy.

TRON all the way. TRON: Legacy was like a neon crapfest.