Meek's Cutoff vs. 13 Assassins



13 Assassins is a super lot of fun, but Meek's Cutoff is a film that has stuck with me mightily with its peculiar brand of existential frontier survivalism. It's both painfully realistic and transcendently poetic, and it fascinated me on every level of art and craft, right down to the claustrophobic aspect ratio.

As of this comment I have 13 Assassins ranked higher, but not by a lot. May have to revisit Meek's Cutoff and see if my ranking changes any. I remember liking these both quite a bit, but liking 13 Assassins just a little bit more.

This matchup is incredibly difficult for me. These both land inside my top 20 of 2011, and while I enjoyed 13 Assassins more, I think I have to go with Meek's Cutoff here. But if I rewatched them both, my opinion could change.

Meek's is definitely the deeper and more thought-provoking film of the two, but I have 13 Assassins ranked higher because it was a bit more fun. For me, the jury is still out on the craft between these two. :)