Naked Lunch vs. Videodrome



This is not easy: my two favorite by Cronenberg! "Naked Lunch" comes from great source material (Burroughs) but "Videodrome" is cinema commentary at its most scathing. I've got to give it to "Naked Lunch"... but I practically had to flip a coin...

Tough choice indeed. I am gonna have to go with Naked Lunch just for the typewriter scenes alone

I haven't seen Naked Lunch, because I've been told I need to be a Burroughs fan to appreciate it, and alas, I am not. Videodrome is an all time fave of mine, however (currently #17 on my Flickchart), so that's a hard act to top!

Out of all the films I have seen by David Cronenberg, I think these are by far his starngest. If I had to say which I thought was the better film, I may be forced to confess Naked Lunch would more than likely be that film. Don't get me wrong Videodrome is an impressive commentary on where film is going, but I tend to love metafictional narratives.

Oh wow, I'm surprised by the Naked Lunch love. There's weird, and then there's Naked Lunch. It's too weird for my taste. Videodrome I love though, so I'm going with that.

Videodrome....but I'll never watch either again....

both are extraordinary but i prefer naked lunch