Pan's Labyrinth vs. El Topo



on 11/8/2011

Both of these are certainly visually appealing, but I was letdown by El Topo. I'm not as into Pan's Labyrinth as most seem to be, but I definitely see the appeal. And I think I can see the appeal with ET, as well. But even I have the draw the line somewhere. When a movie's too weird for me... I could grasp some of what it was saying, but around the halfway mark, it started drifting away. Maybe it was the pacing. But The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly's at the top of my list and some people find it unbelievably boring. I dunno. Something to think about, I guess.

on 11/8/2011

El Topo is tremendous. Jodorowsky is up there with Ford, Tarkovsky and Malick when it comes to shooting landscapes. And some of the imagery in that film... Well, you're unlikely to forget it in a hurry. But. Pan's Labyrinth has beautfiul dreams and ugly ones jammed together to capture a child dealing with a nightmare and it's fantastic. Pan's Labyrinth wins this one.

on 9/15/2012

Neither film is very substantial or smart, but El Topo is a lot of fun (it feels like a really weird video game or something) and I don't like the dead, computerized look of Pan's Labyrinth. No contest.