Escape from L.A. vs. Escape from New York



I think it goes without saying that Escape from New York is 100x times better then Escape from L.A.

Despite the presence of Steve Buscemi AND Bruce Campbell, I have to give this one to NEW YORK. What ever happened to John Carpenter? Ever since IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS his films have sucked, and unfortunately, that includes ESCAPE FROM LA, which should have been fried gold.

Really... Not even a chose. NY all the way.

escape from L.A is horribly good .New York is a master piece.

Escape from la is one of the cheesiest movies i have ever seen and escape from ny is one of the greatest

Escape from New York is an incredible journey into some crazy vision. Escape from L.A. is a boring TV movie and the only crazy thing there is the budget.

Guess it's up to me eh? I actually love "Escape from L.A." more because it is to "Escape to New York" what "Aliens" is to "Alien". A sequel to a rather slow and almost uneventful movie that ups the action and the stakes and manages to stand alone pretty well.

like L.A love New York its a great action film and one of the coolest films up to 1981 a fun movie in every way.New York wins

L.A. is just a poor rehash of the classic original. And man do the effects suck! New York all the way.

I agree with most of what Kersey said. But I like "Alien" better than "Aliens", so I also like "NY" better than "LA".

NY! LA was a bit of a lame rehash. If it didn't have Russell reprising his role, it would be even lower on my chart.

Fear Kurt Russell .... FEAR HIM!

Escape From New York!


The east coast spin was far more gripping.

Dat basketball scene tho...

New York.