Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End vs. Spider-Man 3



aghhh do I have to vote for one? Two of the biggest cgi clusterf***s to hit the screen! both are an insult to coherent narrative structure.

Pirates blows. Spider-Man takes this one.

God, both of these films were bad. Both films had too much going on. But I think I'm going to have to go with "At World's End" because it didn't frustrate me as much as Spiderman 3 did.

When you have to rank 2 of the worst movies ever there is no winner...

I don't care what anyone says -- The Pirates movies are awesome, and Spider-Man 3 wasn't all that bad. (PotC wins) All this worst movie ever stuff, man, people should relax. Have you SEEN Manos: The Hands of Fate? Monster A-Go Go?

Ugh. Two of the most muddled threequels of recent years. "Spider-Man 3" gets my vote for having a shorter run time.

Oh Pirates hands down. The final battle at the end was so epic and it ties up the story so well. Where as Spider-Man 3 was a big disappoointment for me. I'm a big spider-man fan and I was so looking forward to seeing Venom, but they made him such a cry baby and he kept pulling his face off which was annoying.

They are both disappointing and the weakest entries in their respective series, so it isn't easy to choose one over the other. Spider-Man 3 is just stupid and annoying at times, while At World's End is way too long and takes itself too seriously for most of the time. I'll probably go with Spidey because I had the opportunity to only watch it once, whereas I was basically forced to watch PotC 3 for a second time some months ago. Thus, Spider-Man 3 seems like the lesser evil for now.

@LukeJason: You hit that right on the head. Look, At World's End is the worst Pirates movie, but I actually kind of enjoyed it. It's too long, and too weird, and they made the big mistake of writing Captain Jack f-ing Sparrow out of the first hour. But it does have a pretty epic finale, and Johnny Depp for the second half. Spider-Man 3, meanwhile, screwed up Venom. God, I hate that they assassinated my favorite Spidey villain....

It's really of question of which one NOT to vote for...


and that not to vote for is Spiderman 3.

I kind of enjoyed Pirates 3... The sequels are nothing compared to the first one, I guess due to its unexpectedness... And Spider-Man 3 was terrible.

In a world of shitty third movies... Wait, I have to pick one? I can't vote for neither? Fine, Pirates, because it was actually somewhatly entertaining.

I dont care much for the Pirates series. when i saw 3, i did not know what the hell was going on. Spider man 3 is good, just not as good as the first two.

I don't really feel that strongly about these movies. Maybe I just see a lot of redundancy in their similarities.

At World's End is a horrible, horrible movie. It actually disgusts me. Spidey by default.

I think "At World's End" is the best film of the series and one of the most epic and entertaining movies I got to see, and while "Spidey 3" was good it's no match for any POTC film.

at worlds end at least felt a little satisfying.

Pirates 3 was so bad...I give Spidey the nod...

At World's End is so much better its not even funny.

I can sit through Spidey 3 and for the most part enjoy it. Pirates 3 goes from bad to plain unwatchable just after a few minutes, no exaggeration.

both great movies

Both 3s are pretty bad but at least Spider-Man 3 was more entertaining

had much more fun with AWE

At World's End is mediocre but definitely more fun to watch than whatever the trainwreck Spider-Man 3 is.

Really surprised at the poll results again. At World's End for all it's flaws, is still a great movie, and would've been a great trilogy capper if they didn't make a 4th or 5th one. Spider-Man 3 is just a bad movie, and not a good trilogy capper either