Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End vs. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides



Oh, that's an interesting one. I think On Stranger Tides was the best of the sequels, though none of them could hold a candle to the original.

I actually love all 4 Pirates movies. In this matchup I prefer On Stranger Tides.

At World's End is the best in the series, imho.

Noooooo, PiccoloKing, WHAT U DOIN'

strange tides was not the best, but its actually its own movie, separate than the first 3. i would go with at worlds end though

After rewatching all 4 I now prefer At World's End in this matchup.

OST was just as pretentious and unneccesarily conviluted as its predecessors, although it was at least mildly fun at times. AWE didn't even have that distinction going for it, merely coming off as a stale, pretentious, half-baked mess of a film which, on the filmmakers own admission, was started with an incomplete script (which really shows). So On Stranger Tides wins, though i could live without watching either of them again.

At Worlds end

At Worlds end was dark and very fun a great ending to the original trilogy very good, while Stranger Tides was a fun story and at time sexy and cool the characters were not great but still a decent pirates/swashbuckling film something we dont get enough of!

At Worlds End is one of my favorite installments in the Pirates franchise. On Stranger Tides is decent but it doesn't truly capture the magic of the original trilogy.

I love both of these and it's very close, but I'd say On Stranger Tides because AWE is too long.

Stranger Tides makes AWE look like a masterpiece in comparison.