The Dark Knight Rises vs. Raiders of the Lost Ark



Both are very good, but I'm not a massive fan of either. I like TDKR much more now than I did on initial viewing, because I've had time to acknowledge all the things that are wrong with it (and there is A LOT wrong with TDKR) and appreciate the filmmaking efforts and symbolism in the film. That said, it is still the weakest of the Nolan Batman films, mainly because, aside from problems with the plot, basic logic and (to a lesser extent) the development of certain characters, it is far to heavy and portentious for its own good. Raiders on the other hand is certainly the best of the Indiana Jones movies, but I have never been a massive fan of Indiana Jones (I actually got round to seeing Raiders last of all four, digitally restored in an IMAX cinema, which was wonderful). While I do enjoy it, and I see why everybody loves it, I suspect that a lot of the enjoyment comes from nostalgia, which I do not have since I never watched the Indiana Jones films as a kid. Although the opening 20 minutes are some of the best film Spielberg has ever created, and the end is technically inventive and impressively gory, the middle act is interlaced with uninteresting set pieces (such as running around Cairo) and (IMHO) slightly needless character development (Marion's relationship with Belloq). That said, while I enjoy both as good if not overrated films, Raiders has fewer problems than TDKR, and is the best of it's respective franchise. Indiana Jones wins.

raiders of the lost ark all the way!!

I'm going with The Dark Knight Rises. I can understand why Raiders has such a huge fan following, although it didn't quite grab me the way other films from Spielberg's filmography like SPR and Minority Report did. TDKR is one of the most entertaining films I've ever seen. It wasn't really affected by the restrictions in terms of story and characters that come with being the last film in a trilogy. I don't know about you guys but TDKR, for me at least, concluded the trilogy on an emotional and satisfying note.

One is good, the other is great. Raiders of the Lost Ark wins.

TDKR is an overrated mess. Raiders is greatness through and through. Not even a contest.

The Dark Knight Rises. Batman = Indy, Catwoman > Marion, Bane > Nazis

Give me the whip!

Raiders beats Nolan's good but bloated finale.

Raiders for sure. Childhood favourite and still is one of my faves.

Radiers of the lost Ark just got fans because its a classic but the Dark knight Rises dominates it. Radiers is overated.


The Dark Knight Rises is my favorite of the trilogy and beats Indy.

I'm going to have to go with Rises over Raiders.

TDKR isn't half of what Raiders is

Raiders. Love TDKR, but Raiders is a timeless classic.


The Indy films are lame now, but still better that any of the Dark Night pieces of crap

Well, two of the "Indy" films are lame. One is very lame. One is horrifically lame. Last Crusade is OK. Raiders, however is not lame. The Dark Knight Rises is very lame. It was a disappointing conclusion to a decent series. Raiders was a stellar opening to a lackluster series. It is better than its sequels combined, and massively better than Rises. Massively. I kind of wish I never saw Rises because it left such a bitter taste of failure. Raiders lights up my cinematic world. It is a pillar of greatness.

Raiders takes the win for me.

The dark knight rises easily

Raiders easily

Only very little comic book movies stand a chance against Indy, in fact only 4 of them are better, The Dark Knight Rises is one of them.


Raiders is too good to lose here.