The Dark Knight Rises vs. Annie Hall



I have to say that despite everything I have said about TDKR, it is MUCH better on the second viewing once you've gotten over just how silly some of the plot devices and conveniences are and just how many pointless or badly developed characters there are. I just watched it again and now I realise that it actually does a good job of rounding off the series and it does have some spectacular set-pieces and a lot of symbolism (even if at times it does forego logic in order to convey them). However, while Annie Hall isn't my kind of film at all, it is actually a lot funnier than I would have expected and it is a much better Rom-Com than TDKR is a superhero film. I would probably put Annie Hall just ahead, but this is a fairly good comparison; neither are as good as they've been cracked up to be in my eyes, but both are still pretty good (especially on second viewing).

I haven't gotten a chance to see The Dark Knight Rises a second time yet, but I do expect to like it better upon subsequent viewings (now that the hype has abated). As it stands now, I merely like (don't love) the film...which is more than enough to win this matchup easily. I find Woody Allen's schtick so unbearable, I'd rank Joel Schumacher's two Batman films ahead of Annie Hall.

No-brainer. Annie Hall it is.

Dark knight Rises is the king of all movies!!

I think I'll go with Annie Hall because I just watched it, and it's fresh.

Annie Hall

Just watched it as well.

Annie Hall...

Annie Hall has Diane Keaton but apart from that it's okay. Dark Knight Rises has good filmmaking but apart from that it's awful.


Annie Hall is that good to win this and I love Batman.

TDKR beats Woody....

The Dark Knight Rises. Annie Hall isn't one of my favorite Woody Allen films.

love annie hall, kinda hate rises