The Dark Knight Rises vs. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull



OK, which of these colossal disappointments is the most abysmal efforts? Skull was bad but TDKR may be even worse.

Actually I liked Skull.

TDKR > SKull, Temple and Crusade. = Raiders.

Given time to rehash it all... TDKR is the bigger joke.

TDKR by a lot.

Both are vomit inducing to say the least.

Caught between trolls. Disgusting.

The Dark Knight Rises is unfairly criticized if you ask me. Crystal Skull on the other hand deserves every bit of hate it gets and then some.

^^ Yeah. The Dark Knight Rises is amazing in my opinion. Sure it does have issues, but shouldn't a film be judged, not by the quantity of pros and cons, but rather by the magnitude of them? Because The Dark Knight Rises has a lot of great stuff going for it. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on the other hand is utter crap.

Yes, Crystal Skull is the definition of utter crap.

UGH. Do they even allow these travesties to be rented by the general public any more? Wouldn't it be considered cruel and unusual punishment to force anyone to watch either one of these ever again?

These two movies leave a lot to be desired.

Horrid bottom of the barrel to be sure but at least both characters have a chance at redemption with them announcing Indy 5 is on the way!