The Dark Knight Rises vs. The Godfather Part II



The Godfather Part 2 without a reasonable doubt. Al Pacino is at the top of his game in one of the five best performances of all time, not even Tom Hardy as Bane can live up to those expectations. The storyline and supporting performances are much stronger than Rises.

I agree....Part II is too damn brilliant...See what I did there? "too" :)

Both films are in my top 10. While I will freely admit that The Godfather Part II is the better film, I enjoy The Dark Knight Rises slightly more.



The Godfather Part II no hesitation

The Dark Knight Rises I know I know

TGF2 is that for my pick, TDKR overrated

I’m not even sure Rises is better than Godfather 3

I prefer Rises, by a hair probably.