The Dark Knight Rises vs. The Prestige



Two pretty good Nolan films, but far from his best. For now I'm picking The Dark Knight Rises for Bane.

The Prstige is an amazing film with absolutely no rewatch value. TDKR is an amazing film with tons of rewatch value. RISE

TDKR is Nolan's weakest film to date. The Prestige is a thought provoking, smart and witty film.

I gotta go The Dark Knight Rises just pure adrenaline pumping action.

Probably the prestige

DKR....but it's definitely one I had to think about...

Why is it, JC13, that The Prestige has no "rewatch value"? Because of its twist? Studies actually show that the chances you'll like a movie increase if it's spoiled for you beforehand. Plus, Nolan is no Shyamalan; The Prestige is more than its twist and worthy of more viewings. TDKR, though, has no discernible "rewatch value" to me. Having seen it once in theaters and experiencing a feeling of disappointment so overwhelming that I don't think I'll ever be able to find so much as a shred of merit in the film, I don't plan on rewatching it anytime soon.

I have seen the Prestige 3 times and the 2nd and 3rd times I found myself looking at the time. It felt like it dragged.

The Prestige slaughters TDKR. Rises left me wildly disappointed, while The Prestige blew my mind.

The Prestige is the better Nolan film.

While The Dark Knight Rises is one of the most exciting, thrillingly nail-biting action films I've seen, I gotta go with The Prestige for its incredible story and complexity.

The prestige is easily tthe better movie.

The Prestige is one of the best films of all time... PERIOD!

The prestige definitely.

TDKR but both are top 5 nolan movies

The prestige is that brilliant

The Prestige of course. Good film. TDKR on the other hand blows. Hard to believe it's the same director.

My friend JoeJoe1 speaks the truth.

The Dark Knight Rises, by a slight margin. Also, Nolan's 10s resume is solid: 2 great films, 1 good film and 1 ok one, just a bit below his 00s work.

these movies get better with age