The Dark Knight Rises vs. Once Upon a Time in the West



I absolutely love both these films which is why they are in my top 20. Batman wins for me.

Batman wins for me as well.

TDKR wins although I do respect Once upon A Time in The West. Both great films though, but it's just that I enjoy TDKR more.

Once Upon a Time in the West wins big time here, Dark Knight Rises is TOO overrated.

Both great but I say TDKR

I love westerns: Once Upon a Time in the West.

I really enjoy Once Upon a Time in the West but it doesn't come close to The Dark Knight Rises for me.

The West.

The Dark Knight Rises is a fine conclusion to a trilogy, OUATITW is a masterpiece.

TDKR wins...but so close...

I personally like Rises more.

TDKR is awful no two ways around it. Sorry folks.