The Dark Knight Rises vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



Oh shit, another tough decision, surprised to see no discussion. Weighing the good with the bad, think I'll go with TDKR.

All things considered, The Dark Knight Rises is the better piece of entertainment (and I stress the word "entertainment").

Uh, guys?


I might change my mind later on.

Yeah I am here for you Reelz. 2001 is a masterpiece and absolutely destroys The Dark Knight Rises.


Team Kubrick all the way.

It would be a harder decision if it were TDK. There is a difference between a film and a classic masterpiece.

TDKR...because I'm contractually binded to agree with Caesar 99.3% of the time....


And I'm binded to disagree with him 99% of the time. Seriously, why don't we ever connect on these things, Caesar?! :)

Because I am the Boonmee of the Bizarro World. Or you're the Caesar of the Bizarro World. Wait, now I've confused myself...

I've talked about how I don't enjoy watching 2001 before, but this is a different occasion in which I'll side with a film based on technical brilliance and overall cohesion; much as I enjoy TDKR, there are too many problems with it as a film; surplus characters who grate the script and get in the way, continuity issues between the other films which piss me off, however trivial they may be (e.g. the fact that Gotham magically transformed from Chicago into New York/Pittsburgh in order to accommodate for a story which lacks a lot of plausibility anyway), two female characters who neither acquit themselves especially well nor live up to the much promised "female empowerment" wish fulfillment (go back to the drawing board Chris Nolan, you've yet to create a really good female protaganist) and the fact that every action set piece was ruined in the marketing, thus leaving no surprises for initial viewing. So despite my enjoying TDKR, 2001 wins.

Loved TDKR on 1st viewing, after a couple others i felt there were 2 many plot holes & unanswered questions, some ridiculous lines, not many good performances & it really lacked the depth of TDK. 2001 is a fav of mine.

Let's keep things in perspective here. We're talking about a movie dealing with the origin of humanity, evolution, human purpose, lunar exploits, Jupiter visitation, space travel, time travel, robotic and technological uprising/revolt, and the concept of infinity VERSUS a movie about a guy in a cape. 2001 is about science, religion, and philosophy all wrapped up in one. TDKR is about a comic book character. 2001 has undoubtedly stood the test of time. TDKR is a Johnnie-Come-Lately. Don't misunderstand me: TDKR is a fantastic movie. I personally love it for what it is, but it's not nearly on the level of 2001. 2001 is in another stratosphere altogether. Quite frankly, I'm baffled as to how this is even a close contest.

The Dark Knight Rises wins this one by murder.

No contest.

Kubrick. No contest at all

Y'know what fuck it. I'm changing it to 2001. TDKR is still excellent, but it does suffer from too many leaps in logic.

2001 a space odyssey is just so much better

2001 without question!

2001 owns DKR

The 2nd one was lightyears ahead of this one but even the Dark Knight doesn't compare to the poetry of 2001.

Not close, 2001

2001, no competition.

2001 murderstomps