The Dark Knight Rises vs. Iron Man 2



The Dark Knight Rises was so good, it killed the comic book trilogy curse dead. Iron Man 2 was so bad it prevented the franchise from even having the chance to reach the third film before the curse kicked in.

Rises was spectacular. IM2? Not so much.

Neither was very good, but the first 80 minutes of TDKR were great, so I'm going with that one.

I like Iron Man 2, but it gets crushed by the Batman.

Dark Knight Rises got boring IMO, It was the worst of the 3. But all three of them are better than any Iron Man.

TDKR thumps IM2...

Iron Man 2 is fun, but it is nothing compared to TDKR.

The Dark Knight Rises is a perfect comic book film. Iron Man 2 unfortunately is not.

Dark Knight Rises

I enjoy Iron Man 2 for the most part, but c’mon, TDKR is possibly the second best ending to a trilogy, right behind Return of The King.

iron man 2 is bad, it is nothing as good as the dark knight rises, which is a perfect and the best superhero movie ever made

Complete mismatch -_-, The Dark Knight Rises maybe the weakest of the trilogy, but it is still better than either Iron Man sequels, especially this one

thank god there are no votes for IM2 lmfao