The Dark Knight Rises vs. Spring Breakers



Springbreakers was an awesome experience, but dark knight rises is the better movie

Spring Breakers had absolutely beautiful cinematography, like that scene with all the computers. Or that part on the bridge toward the end. And James Franco was awesome with his "Sheeeeitt!". No, Dark Knight Rises can't hope to compare.

Both films are deadly for their dullness but at least The Dark Knight Rises isn't absolutely repulsive and has a few good scenes.

For me Spring Breakers was engrossing to watch I understand many if not most wouldn't like it but I was fascinated, Rises just didn't really grab me

Spring Breakers was a little too "wink wink, nudge nudge" for me. It was trying so damn hard to be "cool." TDKR for me....


I'm continuing the trend here.

"Trash humperrrrs! They're the freaks, who's names you'd love to tooouch, but you mustn't toooooooooouch! They're name sounds good in your ear, but when you say it, you mustn't feeear! Cause their names can be saaaid, but an-y-ONE!!!!!!" Anyway, Dark Knight Rises.


Whoops, wrong matchup.

Alien is the better antagonist in my opinion. But TDKR is most definitely the better film.

The Dark Knight Rises. Even though I just recently re-watched Spring Breakers and loved it, TDKR wins.

Although Spring Breakers was an amazing movie that had amazing performances from James Franco and Selena Gomez, The Dark Knight Rises was better by just a hair.

Springbreakers is so absolutely F'ing Terrible. If you actually like this movie perhaps you should reconsider your entire life

Yes liked Spring Breakers way more!