Barry Lyndon vs. Psycho



I wouldn't want to be stuck in a hotel with Barry Lyndon and Norman Bates. That would be awkward.

You may get lucky, they would most likely try killing each other.

Except that it would take Lyndon 30 years to figure out what was going on. PSYCHO is good stuff, but it's not my favorite Hitchcock (by far), and BARRY LYNDON is my favorite film ever, so this isn't too hard.

Ugh. LOVE both of these. I going to go with Psycho, though.


Barry lyndon is toooo loooong

Surprising myself, and going with Barry Lyndon. Overall, just think it's the better movie...

Barry Lyndon by miles. And the movie is too long? Pssh.

To its credit, Barry Lyndon doesn't feel as long as it is. It's still a long ass movie, though. Even if it weren't, it would still get pounded by Psycho.

Yep, Psycho

Barry Lyndon and it's not really close.

Barry Lyndon is an good Kubrick film, but Psycho is really better

Barry Lyndon, I think that Kubrick reached perfection at this point

Two of the greatest films of all time. Going with Psycho

both are incredible, but i prefer kubrick to hitchcock here

Barry Lyndon is incredibly ambitious but it’s too long, not very compelling and the narration is some of the worst I’ve ever heard. Psycho, is smaller on scale and maybe the filmmaking is simpler, but it’s a damn great film and gets my vote here!

I prefer Barry Lyndon by a pretty wide margin

Psycho is possibly the greatest horror movie ever made. As good as Barry Lyndon is, I don't hold it to as high of a standard