Barry Lyndon vs. The Searchers



Two of the most beautiful and stately of classics. I've loved The Searchers longer, and am thrilled by its subtexts. It's hard to be thrilled by Barry Lyndon, which is a cold, technical bit of work. I admire it greatly, and it grows on me all the time, but I'll still go Searchers this time.

Hmm, I'm a bit stumped on this one. I appreciate The Searchers more now than when I first saw it, but I can't say I've ever really enjoyed the film. It's true Barry Lyndon is rather cold and technical in nature (it is, after all, a Stanley Kubrick film), but I think it has less flaws than The Searchers. For that, I give it the edge here. I may change my mind later, though.

Stanley fuckin' Kubrick...

In my book, John Wayne over Kubrick.

How can you say Barry Lyndon is cold? Remember the scene where the son makes his parents promise to love each other so he can see them in heaven? That was the most emotional I've ever got in a Kubrick film, or almost any film for that matter...

barry lyndon is one of the most beautiful films ever, I love it and I not found the searchers so incredible

both are incredible, but i'll take kubrick over ford

The Searchers is FAR FAR superior.

I fucking despise The Searchers with every fiber of my being, and Lyndon is my 5th favorite Kubrick film, so this choice is quite easy for me.