Joker vs. The Dark Knight Rises



I can see similarities between the two – class conflict and all – but "Joker" is any day better than that trite piece of shit The Dark Knight Rises. Phoenix's Joker is already a more memorable and chilling villain than whatever Bane was supposed to be.


Joker easily excels here.

Both are kinda overrated but Joker is still a geniually a good film!

While not a fan of either, I can at least have a laugh at The Dark Knight Rises' expense, as it's amusingly bad at times. Joker, on the other hand, is just a couple hours of unpleasantness that fails to grapple particularly well with any of its proposed/supposed themes and messages. I'll take boring, and sometimes smirkably bad, over unpleasantness.

They were both enjoyable....

no the dark knight rises isnt overrated its underrated, but still joker wins

Joker but i liked TDKR as well.

here we go both of the most overhated dc films in flickchart

The 2 best DC movie this decade, Joker wins because of a way better story