Joker vs. Spider-Man: Far From Home



Tough one ,,, my opinion is subjective to change here

Far From Home is mediocre with its moments. Joker is good with flaws. That's my thoughts!

Spider-man far from home is a piece of shit. Joker is heart-breaking, sad but enjoyable at the same time and is an interesting and different joker-batman universe with a different approach.

Spidey...but definitely a tough one...

Joker and it's not close.

Two very overrated and overblown pieces of crap if you are being honest and actually use your brain. Going Joker because it's not a juvenile cartoon. Just juvenile.

how is it tough, joker all the way

I prefer Joker, but i did enjoy Spider-Man.

Joker, I still liked Far From Home it’s my second favourite Spider-Man movie, just a literal hair better than Spider-Man 2

they are both great but joker is better

joker by far, but ffh is the 2nd best CBM of 2019

Really isn't close at all if you are being honest. Far From Home is up there with being one of the worst movies of 2019.

Not the biggest fan of either tbh... Think I had comparatively more fun with FFH, but honestly, this one's a total coin toss for me