Joker vs. Her



The One Where Joaquin Gets His Heart Broken

Joaquin''s peformance in Her > Joaquin's peformace in Joker

Her is the better film of Joaquin Phoenix.



I prefer Joker but Her is a very powerful movie too. Joaquin Phoenix is incredible in both.

Both are overrated movies saved partially by Joaquin Phoenix. I'll take Joker over Her, though. At least with that one, I was never bored and it didn't really rely on obnoxious close-ups every scene to sell its emotions. Both movies are pretty cliche, but the mental illness stuff in Joker was legitimately well-handed and even surprising in a few occasions. Her had nothing I haven't seen done better in other movies.

Joker...but both are great...

Her is the far more nuanced film. Joker is a good film that paints a little to heavy handedly

joaquin phoenix in joker is his best performance

I think Phoenix may be the best modern actor and the Joker was good, but I was far more moved by Phoenix's performance in Her. Despite a solid performance it was probably only the third best Joker in film and the movie itself felt almost like a "requel" of the King of Comedy. I've only seen both of these films once so perhaps that might change, but Her wins this one easily for now.

Her reminded me of why I love Joaquin, Joker made me question it...